This tiny house rental in Las Vegas is located right in the middle of a party

Tiny homes might seem ideal for those seeking a quieter, quainter lifestyle.

But imagine a tiny home being thrown in the middle of all the madness that is downtown Las Vegas — in the backyard of one of the most infamous party hotels, no less.

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Though it might not be the source of rest and relaxation that most crave from tiny living, if there's anywhere to try something completely unorthodox, it's certainly Vegas!

Unlike the opulent and overdone suites and penthouses characteristic to Sin City, the Sugar Shack is a mere 344 square feet of accommodations.

The room boasts one bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a lofted full-sized bed and a pullout sleeper sofa, which allows the place to comfortably (questionable) sleep six guests.

Take a look at the Sugar Shack below:

If you're still not sold, get this — the home essentially doubles as a private "island" in the middle of an all-night party.

The structure is set up in "The Backyard" courtyard property of the Gold Spike hotel (the hotel's penthouse was the suite featured on MTV's "Real World" Season 31) which is essentially an adult dreamland — giant yard games like cornhole and Jenga, a music stage and of course, a bar.

AFAR reports:

"During the day, The Backyard is relatively tame. At night, however, the area can get downright rowdy—and the Sugar Shack is right in the center of the action."

Renting the Sugar Shack also means gaining access to a private front yard, essentially enabling VIP access to all of the festivities going on around you.

The countless windows and open air vibes of the structure always make you feel like you're the center of the party, even when you're just hanging out inside — and isn't that what most come to Vegas for, anyway?

Rates start at a reasonable $250 and work their way up to $1,000 for weekend bookings, which also include complimentary bottle service.

Goes without saying that all guests must be 21 or older.

It's definitley not for the faint of heart, but for those wanting a through and through Las Vegas experience, this might be as close as you'll ever get — you truly never have to leave the party.

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