Sonic goes after McDonald's in hilarious drive-thru sign


In the ongoing battle fast-food wars, it seems as if all of your favorite joints are trying to outdo one another.

From extraneous menu items to outrageous ad campaigns, and as of recently, new perks and digital methods of ordering, the industry is ever evolving and competition is stiffer than ever.

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So sometimes, to get to the top, you have to play on your rivals' weaknesses and point them out – It's a fry eat fry world out there, people.

In the latest marketing savagery, Sonic just kicked McDonald's where it hurts.

A reddit user posted this photo of two signs outside of a Sonic drive-thru in Alabama:

Credit: Reddit

Oh the shade of it all...Drag them Sonic, drag them.

The irony here, of course, is that you've probably fallen victim to what we'll call "McFlurry Mania" aka when it's 10 pm, you want a McFlurry and the ice cream machine just conveniently happens to be broken.

We've been there, and we're here for you.

Other Reddit users seemed to agree:

Comment from discussion Sonic savagery.

Comment from discussion Sonic savagery.

Comment from discussion Sonic savagery.

So whether you're Team Sonic or are a loyal McLover, there's absolutely no doubt that this entire article had you thinking about a milkshake, ice cream cone or something cold and sweet so in essence, Sonic won.

Nothing #PETTY about that!

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