McDonald's in trouble after pregnant woman allegedly finds dead lizard in her fries

Alright, this is appalling!

Burger giant McDonald's has been accused of serving a deep-fried lizard in a plate of fries in an outlet in India, a top market for the Chicago-headquartered company.

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A resident of Kolkata, eastern India's biggest city, took her daughter on a food outing to the McDonald's outlet at EM Bypass. After her order was served, the sight of the dead reptile made the woman, who's reportedly pregnant, sick. She immediately called the store manager to look into it. However, his nonchalant response annoyed her.

She took a picture of the affected food and filed a complaint against the burger joint at a nearby police station.

Mashable reached out to McDonald's India for comment.

"We are taking the situation seriously. Immediately upon being made aware of the complaint, we launched a thorough investigation in an effort to gather the facts of the matter... it is still on-going," said the official spokesperson of McDonald's India (North & East) via email.

He added: "The officials from Food Safety Authority have also fully inspected our restaurant including the kitchen; and have given us the permission to reopen the restaurant. We are fully co-operating with the authorities involved."

McDonald's is no stranger to untoward incidents though.

In 2013, a Mumbai man had reportedly found a rusted metal screw in his fries. And two years later, in 2015, an Englishman met with a similar fate when he discovered a screw in his Coke.

People on social media are pissed, of course.