'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Robyn Dixon 'still not in a good place' with Monique Samuels (Exclusive)


Robyn Dixon has had quite the third season of "Real Housewives of Potomac."

The mother-of-two is vocal about being in a much better place financially and romantically with ex, Juan, which has allowed her to engage in more drama on the current season of "RHOP," but the star maintains that she doesn't start fights -- she just finishes them.

Robyn Dixon recently sat down with AOL's Gibson Johns to talk about season 3 of "Real Housewives of Potomac," why it's "not fair" that people lump her and BFF Gizelle Bryant together and where she currently stands with cast mate Monique Samuels after their dramatic season together (hint: it's not great). Check out our full conversation below:

How are you holding up, now that we're over halfway through this season? We're in the thick of it!

It’s so crazy, because it’s two totally different animals to film the season -- when you’re going through real-life drama -- but then you get over it and move past it. You make up quickly to be able to continue to be around one another, but then when the show airs, the issues are magnified and people get in their feelings and can’t let it go. Even if you’re watching us make up and get along, people are still upset. Viewers have strong opinions and favorites, and they don’t let things go, either. I’m still getting comments about something I did in episode 1! Like, move on. You have to live with what happens for so much longer, but I do a good job at tuning a lot of the negativity out. I don’t feel the need to defend myself over and over again.

Does it get any easier to watch? It’s your third year on the show at this point.

No. It depends on what’s going on. Season 2 was really difficult for me to watch, because I didn’t like how my home life was being portrayed. In real life, Juan and I were fine, but he didn’t like the cameras. So, when the cameras were around, out came his attitude and his sullenness. That was really hard for me to have to own that as my story that the viewers were seeing. Season 3 isn’t difficult, because I understand the reasons why I have said and done everything. You never get the entire story or complete thoughts, so watching it isn’t difficult, but when I have the comments from people on Instagram -- I actually don’t go on Twitter -- I’m literally reading these comments like, "Are we watching the same show here?" It’s so amazing how people can interpret things totally differently. That part is entertaining.

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Okay, so walk me through your side of the Instagram controversy with Monique. Did watching it back on the show change your perception of it at all?

Monique and I didn’t have any issues during season 2, until the reunion came and I felt like she was really throwing some low blows at me for no reason. After the reunion, she saw Juan in the lobby and apologized to him, she sent me a long text apologizing profusely and called me saying the same stuff. A few weeks later, I come across this post where they’re making fun of me. I worked in PR, and I can spot a strategic page when I see it. I knew this page was authorized by her, and I knew her brother ran it. When I saw it, I thought, "If I were Monique, and I saw that my brother posted something making fun of me, I would tell him that it’s not appropriate." That’s all she had to do. All I was trying to explain to her was that she had said she apologized and wanted our relationship to grow and get better, but why are you allowing your brother to be nasty?

The argument escalated, because she didn’t want the viewers to know that it was her brother running the page. That’s why she got so heated, and she said to me at the party, "You’re just mad that nobody has made you a fan page." She was trying to articulate to the viewers that she was so popular that some random person started this meticulously curated page for her. All she was really concerned about was her public persona and projecting this image that she was so beloved.

What about the umbrella incident? Surely that was the lowest point of your friendship...

That was another instance where Monique was trying to edit herself for the viewers. If you think about it: We were fine, but then I was so confused at Karen’s event when she barely said hello to me. I was like, "What’s going on?" She was getting mad at all of us. Nowhere in my mind did I think I had done something to her. If you’re acting like that, you’ve lost me. I think she went home and freaked out because she realized it would look like she had been drunk driving, so she flipped it on me for telling her that Ashley said she had had four drinks. When we got out on the sidewalk and she was yelling at Ashley then turned to me, I was like, "Whoa!" At this point, I’m done, so I probably contributed to escalating the situation. She said, "Say it to my face and watch what happens!" And I was like, "Let’s see what happens!" [Laughs] She is the mouthiest person, so I wanted to see what this mouth was made of. I said something and then she did that. It was the biggest punk move ever. I knew she wasn’t going to do anything. I wasn’t scared, but I wanted to show her to stop with the mouthiness and throwing out threats without doing anything.

Will we see any resolution between you two this season?

We’re still not in a good place. There’s a lot to be aired out in a genuine manner and not with her being strategic or [coming in] with other motives. I’m willing to say I took it too far on the sidewalk. Once we can both own up to where we were wrong, maybe we can get past it. She needs to remove me from Gizelle. Whatever her issue with Gizelle is, she lumps me into it. It’s like now she’s beefing with both of us.

Is that something that happens unfairly?

It’s really not fair, because if you look back to a lot of things -- like when Gizelle did wrong by Charrisse, I told her that I was pissed; season 2 when Gizelle beefed with Monique, I had nothing to do with that -- so I hate that you see a strong friendship and you automatically lump people in like they’re the same person and don’t have different opinions. I told Gizelle that I didn’t like the t-shirt that she wore to Karen’s press conference. I let her know. I’ll roll with her, but I didn’t like it. It’s very annoying and frustrating.

Where's your relationship with Ashley right now? You’ve both said things about each other in the past.

We’re in a much better place, but I don’t really say anything about anyone first. The way I conduct myself on the show is reacting to people’s actions and things that they say, I don’t take low blows and make them feel bad about their lives. I don’t care if Michael was on Grindr. I’m not throwing salt on those wounds. But, we’re in a much better place. She agreed to move on from her obsession with my life and my relationship. I’m a very fun, silly, goofy person and we can bond over that and have fun. It’s good to have Ashley around, because when Gizelle doesn’t want to do the active things, Ashley and I can do them together.

Let me tell you, though, after that party at Monique’s house, I was like, "I will never be friends with her!" And then a few weeks later, we’re doing things together. The show is therapeutic in that way, because it teaches you conflict resolution.

You and Karen have also had a couple different things here and there. She was hurt by you telling the other ladies about your long phone conversation about Ray's bankruptcy. Was she valid in feeling that way?

No. I wasn’t coming from a bad place. First of all, the news about her tax issues -- we all knew about it. I spoke to her on the phone for two hours and forty-six minutes, and the only thing that I told the ladies was that she said she didn’t know. If I’m talking to someone for close to three hours, don’t you think there’s a whole lot more I could’ve said? I didn’t find anything wrong with saying she said she didn’t know. It didn’t feel like I was telling something she wouldn’t have repeated herself. In the moment, when I was talking to her, I think she was getting upset because she wasn’t sure what I had said. I also think she was trying to shut that conversation down and take the attention off of her and put it on me like I was the bad person.

I was just trying to help her understand that when I hung up the phone from her, I felt conflicted. I felt very sorry for her, because I could feel a pain in her voice, but part of me didn’t know if that was just because the public knows about her issues. I had all of these doubts in my mind, and I wanted to let her know that I wanted to be there for her, but I didn’t know what the truth was. She instantly took what was supposed to be a sincere moment and turned it into a performance, which is why I had to sit there and laugh.

You seem happier and bubblier and more at ease this season. Did you feel that way during filming? You guys have turned it around.

I did. I think a lot of it comes with understanding the show and what we’re doing, but also definitely being in a better place. Juan finally has made progress in his career, and he was super excited about that. Financially it wasn’t such a stress. During season 1, we were facing a foreclosure! Once all of those question marks were cleared up, it opened up a whole new light and an appreciation for each other.

There's been constant interest in tour relationship status with Juan. Are you guys together?

We really don’t have a label on it, but I believe that at some point soon, just for the sake of our personal happiness, I think we’ll need to make that decision soon. The challenge now is that we have kids, we’re busy, I have businesses and he has coaching, so we need to find time for each other.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

"Real Housewives of Potomac" airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo

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