'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Ashley Darby on what really happened at lunch before Monique's car crash


Ashley Darby may be one of the most polarizing cast members on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Potomac," but she never shies away from owning her truth.

The three-season star has had a dramatic start to season 3, which she started off separated from her husband, Michael. In the episodes since, she's dealt with problems with her mother, her husband and the rest of the ladies, while also introducing a new woman, Candiace, to the group.

Ashley Darby recently stopped by to catch up with AOL.com to talk all things "Real Housewives of Potomac": From what really went down at that lunch with Monique, where she stands with her mother and what she thinks of Candiace now.

Check out our full conversation with Ashley Darby below:

We're a little less than halfway through season 3. How are you feeling about everything?

I’m feeling pretty good, because it’s hard being transported back to that time, but I don’t regret anything that I did. I feel much more confident in how I’ve been this season, because I’m just living my truth. Whatever repercussions come, whoever I get into quarrels with, whoever doesn’t like something that I did, it doesn’t bother me anymore because there’s nothing else I could’ve done. Either you take me or you leave me. That’s how I am.

There’s a lot going on right now for you on the show. What’s it like reliving it all?

The only thing that’s difficult for me is to go [back] through the things that I went through with me mom. Our relationship has really been going through an evolution, and it’s really bound to happen at any point in time because we’ve had an up-and-down relationship in the past, but we’ve never explicitly talked about it. We’ve talked to other people about what goes on between us, but we’ve never actually had an instance where we addressed it. The cameras being there made it a bit more difficult, but I’m thankful for that because I’m not sure we would’ve gotten that opportunity otherwise.

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So, you don’t regret having those moments on camera?

I don’t regret having them on camera. They’re difficult to relive and experience, but I do think that it’s going to help our relationship, if anything.

Where do you stand with your mother now?

My mom and I are a work in progress. She’s my mom. Dollar signs will never break down my relationship with my mom. I’m hopeful and optimistic that we can get to a better place. She is so smart and caring, and if she were in this room, you’d be dying. I know we have the right tools to make it work, it’s just a matter of how we use them and put them together.

The trip to Nemacolin was very dramatic and full of arguments between different people. Watching it back, is that how you remember it happening?

Yes. I invited everyone there because it was a resort that I was familiar with and had the fondest memories of. My grandfather took me there as a kid, and I was thinking that if there was any place we could just go to relax and release, Nemacolin is it! Did I anticipate everything that was going to happen? I did not. [Laughs] You never know what you’re going to get with this group of ladies, and I’m surprised we can all sit down at the same table.

We had Monique Samuels in recently, and she called you a "liar" for what insinuating on the show that she had had too much to drink before her car crash. Can you break down for me your side of the story?

There are three sides to every story, but what happened was we had gone shopping with Candiace to get things for Nemacolin. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant, and we had a couple of thinks there. When Monique and I get together, we talk about everything under the sun. The drinks started flowing, the bartender kept giving us drinks, and it got to a point where I was like, “I need to stop drinking.” Monique was having martinis, and I was drinking beers -- fairly strong beers, to be fair. When we finished, I was like, “Monique, I don’t know if I’m okay to drive. Are you alright?” She was like, “Oh, I’m good! I’m fine!” I go and get in my car and I’m like, “Wow I should not drive yet,” and I literally sat in my car for thirty minutes. I did. When I left, I realized that I drank too much at lunch and was glad I made it home okay. I really shouldn’t have driven, but I did.

When I found out that Monique got into a car accident the next day, it was all types of horrifying for me because I wish in that moment that I had encouraged her to leave her car and take an Uber. There were so many things that I wish I had done at that time. I feel like Monique wasn’t being upfront with herself and with us about what actually happened. If Monique was going through something stressful like her miscarriage, if she’s having some issues at home, it’s natural to think that she might drink a little more than usual -- that’s okay! But what’s not okay is for her to continue to put up this front about being too busy. Monique, just be upfront. Even if we may bicker and have our problems, we all care about each other and each other’s health and children. I expected Monique to be defensive, but I was hoping she would take a step back and think she might want to look at the situation differently. But, no, she called me a liar. She paid for the lunch, so she has the receipt. If I had the receipt, I would show y’all.

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And you guys seemed to be in a good place before this whole situation. Were you in a good place?

I felt like we were in a good place. Monique has started to change a little bit, and I’m not really sure why or where the change is happening, but it is affecting how she interacts with people, as maybe you shall see.

You introduced new cast member Candiace to the other ladies this season. How do you think her experience on the show has gone?

Sure. [Laughs] I had known of Candiace. I thought it would be nice of her to meet the ladies because it is about networking, and that event I had at Oz that day was a networking brunch. She and Monique hit it off and it made sense for them to hang out. What I didn’t anticipate was for Candiace to feel like she had to prove something to everybody. I don’t know where it happens, but she feels like she needs to assert herself. She speaks in the third person, so she and her other self -- her alter-ego -- they needed to prove themselves. It was a little much, but you can’t change people.

What have fans been saying to you this season? What kind of feedback are you getting?

The most impactful feedback is from women who either have been in abusive relationships or are in abusive relationships and say that they relate to my mom, and they’re feeling inspired about what she’s going through. The other faction of people that I’m getting a nice response from is people who have had issues with their parents. As we grow up and become adults, we start to see them more as individuals, so that has been nice for me to see that my story is resonating with people. Of course I’m also getting people who are like, “How dare you put your mom to the side for this man?!” It’s all around the spectrum.

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During your three seasons on "Real Housewives of Potomac," you've always been upfront about your side of the truth -- whether or not people agree with it -- instead of holding it back or waiting until later to bring something up. Who on the show could use more of that quality?

I appreciate you saying that. It’s not always easy to walk in your truth, because sometimes that truth is ugly. I don’t live in a glass house, and I will never say something about someone without owning up to my own things. The person who can take the most from that is definitely Karen. I don’t know if she feels as though she has to put on airs to impress people, but everyone sees through her. Potomac is a very small community, and everyone is talking about her business. She has trouble keeping up with her lies, too. Being Karen must be exhausting.

What can you tease for us about the rest of the season?

Relationships take on whole different meanings and structures. It’s a natural progression of a friendship group. Some get closer, some get farther.

This interview has been edited and condensed. "Real Housewives of Potomac" airs on Sundays on Bravo at 8 p.m. EST.

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