Why Kylie Jenner gave BFF Jordyn Woods props after her own pregnancy

Kylie Jenner recently had an experience that gave her a deeper understanding of her best friend, Jordyn Woods.

Jordyn recently caught up with AOL's Gibson Johns at the St. Ives Mixing Bar in New York City, where she opened up about her personal style and beauty routine, and she revealed that, after she gave birth to her daughter Stormi, Kylie gave her props for her influential style.

"Kylie did have a baby, so she had to get used to her body and adjusting to that," she explained. "She was like, ‘I actually salute you for your style, because I didn’t realize as a curvier woman how it is different to get dressed.’"

As evidenced by her skyrocketing modeling career and fashion-forward Instagram presence, Jordyn has clearly mastered the art of dressing herself -- but the 20-year-old "Life of Kylie" star admitted that it took her a while to get there.

"It’s really just an art form that you learn," she explained to us. "You learn what works for you."

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And, once she learned what works for her, others started to notice. Both Jordyn and Kylie have had a clear influence on the way that teenagers and young women dress nowadays: Walk down the street in Manhattan or Los Angeles and you're bound to see someone who has undoubtedly been affected by what the best friends wear and how they style themselves. It's an idea that Jordyn recognizes, but clearly isn't fully comfortable with.

"That concept is really funny to me, because I don’t really think about any of it," she said. "I just kind of put on whatever I feel like wearing that day. Recently, I’ve been trying to take it a bit more seriously just for myself and seeing what I’m capable of, but I’m not really [doing it] for the influence. It’s really nice to be able to influence people to try new things and be who they want to be and wear what the want to wear, though."

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And as she's seen the impact she can have, Jordyn has put more thought into her social media presence, too. With over 5.5 million followers on Instagram alone, she knows how many people she's touching with just one post.

"I do know that people are watching, so I try to just stay positive and not try to do anything too crazy on social media and try to keep part of my personal life personal," she told us.

One way that Jordyn implicitly encourages others to be themselves is by simply not taking herself too seriously. Take her shockingly straightforward everyday beauty routine, for example.

"A typical day of beauty [for me] is waking up, washing my face, putting on a lot of moisturizer and just going," she said with a laugh. "That’s really it. I'll brush my eyebrows if they’re out of place, and I have lash extensions, so I don’t really have to worry about wearing makeup. It's so easy."

Of the products that she does use, though, something that is important to her is the ingredients that are in them. One of the reasons she told us that she decided to partner with St. Ives in the first place was because "they use natural products."

As for what's next, Jordyn is hesitant about predicting her future. When we asked her where she sees herself in five years, she made sure not to get too specific about what she wants to accomplish.

"In five years? It’s hard to say, because just in two years so much has changed," she said with a smile. "In five years, I can only imagine the direction that everyone will go. That’s something that always intrigues me: Where is everyone going to end up? Who’s going to end up with who? There’s literally no telling."

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