'Queer Eye' star Karamo Brown reveals 'mommy and daddy' of the Fab Five


During the Fab Five's recent trips to promote "Queer Eye" overseas, Karamo Brown realized a couple of things about the internationally-beloved group that he's a part of -- including who the "mommy and daddy" of the group are.

"We already knew this, but now it’s confirmed that Bobby and I are definitely mommy and daddy," Karamo told AOL's Gibson Johns exclusively at American Express' Simplify Your Summer event. "Bobby is mommy and I’m daddy, because I’m constantly talking to drivers and making sure that we [know where we're] going, and he’s always like, 'Jonathan, you left your phone behind!'"

The five-some's trip to Australia and England also helped the show's culture expert uncover more of his cast members' habits that really came into focus while traveling as a group.

"If you want to sleep on a plane, do not have your seat anywhere near Jonathan’s, because he’s going to keep you up the entire time," he said. "I’m the exact opposite: I sit on a plane, I send an email and I go to sleep."

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"I also learned that Tan will find a way to be bougie at any moment!" he added. "I say that in the best way possible. He will find a way. Literally, we were on a yacht and, within five minutes of being on this yacht that we didn’t own, Tan came out with no clothes on and a robe and glasses. I was like, 'Where did you find a robe?' And he was like, 'Darling, don’t ask!' And then Antoni had a robe. He was like, 'Tan found it!'"

We spoke to Karamo at Milk Studios, where he had curated stations for American Express' Simplify Your Summer event in celebration of the American Express Cash Magnet Card. In the last several months, Karamo's profile has skyrocketed along with the increasing popularity of "Queer Eye," which has brought more and more people his way seeking out his advice.

"It’s an honor that more people know that I’m someone they can trust," he said of the increased attention. "On my social media, I call everyone 'friends,' because I want them to know that I’m someone they can come to at any moment. Out of the Fab Five, people actually stop me and tell me their life stories and cry on my shoulder. The other guys don’t really get that, and it’s because people say that they think they can tell me things."

Indeed, throughout the first and second seasons of Netflix's "Queer Eye" reboot, Karamo has been the one who routinely gets the show's so-called heroes to truly open up and see things from a different point of view: Whether a straight man spending time with a gay man for the first time ever or a white police officer seeing things from a black man's perspective, Karamo has shown a knack for getting the show's subjects to let their guards down, which is something that his title doesn't necessarily reflect. And he knows that.

"During the first season, it was hard for people to realize that my whole goal is the inside, and the title of ‘culture’ is very misleading," Karamo explained to us. " Not knowing my background. some people are like, ‘What does that mean?’ But with season 2, the editors really made sure that it’s clear that my job is to get you to cry."

Season 2 of "Queer Eye" is streaming now on Netflix.

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