Ludacris still 'open to new things' 2 decades into his career


Decades into his career, Ludacris is still "open to new things" and continuing to focus on his health.

The "Moneymaker" hitmaker recently appeared at the third annual Propel Co:Labs fitness festival in Los Angeles, where he performed alongside trainer Nicole Winhoffer in front of a packed house.

AOL Entertainment caught up with him over email during the festival to talk all things fitness, health and family.

Check out our full interview with Ludacris below:

What was your involvement in this year's Propel Co:Labs?

Propel is uniting the fitness community through this innovative fitness festival where they combine live performances from artists like myself with workout from top trainers from across the country. My performance was with Nicole Winhoffer of the NW Method. I'm heavy into fitness myself and I was extremely interested to see how this Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival was going to play out. I'm one of those individuals that's very open-minded and just open to new things, and I wanted to try it out. And I love being a trend-setter when it comes to the future, as well.

Talk to me about the importance of fitness in your lifestyle. What does your daily or weekly fitness routine look like?

I work out six days a week with two different trainers. So one is a weight trainer and the other is kind of martial arts. So I stay in shape and I try to eat healthy -- keyword "try." Eudoxie, my wife, is just as much into fitness as I am.

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How do you motivate yourself on days where you don't want to hit the gym or get a sweat in?

Man, that's one of those things, you know. My motto is, when you don't want to do it, that's when you really need to do it or should do it. Because those are the days that separate the boys from the men.

Is it difficult to stay active and healthy on set? What's your on-the-go fitness routine like?

Nowadays most hotels have gyms in them, so you can keep it going, man. You can always get in the gym and do whatever you need to do. A lot of hotels even have workouts on the TV in your room now, so you can get it in without leaving the room. Worst case scenario, I just run my mouth on a plane if I can't do any exercise.

Do you and Eudoxie ever do couples' workouts together?

Sometimes we do. Sometimes our schedules don't make it to where we can do that. It just depends on the day.

What about your diet? How much do you watch what you eat and how often do you let yourself cheat a little and eat whatever you want?

I just try to eat clean at least five, six days a week. It is a little harder during travel, but I continue to try and progress and I think I just continue to buy things that try to keep me on track. Travel things. If I’m cheating, it's probably between three or four things. Obviously pizza. Hamburgers -- an extreme hamburger, you know. Mexican food and tacos. And then pasta -- like chicken parmesan and just going crazy with spaghetti and anything you can possibly imagine when it comes to overloading on pasta.

How have you encouraged your daughters to stay active and healthy?

I try not to be too hard on them yet … especially the young one. But they see us active and eating healthy and I think that, you know, that translates in its own way.

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