'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Monique Samuels calls Ashley Darby a 'liar'


Monique Samuels prides herself on being "100 percent real" on "Real Housewives of Potomac," which is why she finds it so frustrating when her fellow cast mates aren't themselves or aren't truthful with her.

During a recent sit-down interview with AOL.com's Gibson Johns, Monique opened up about her tiffs with some of the women on the show like Robyn Dixon, who got mad at Monique for liking a meme about her, Gizelle Bryant, who Monique "didn't know" she had an issue with, and Ashley Darby, who Monique was seemingly okay with during filming, but is now calling her a "liar."

The two-season Housewife also opened up about her scary car crash from last summer, embracing her new platform and why her friendship with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is on thin ice.

Check out our full conversation with Monique Samuels below:

How are you holding up six episodes into this season? There's a lot going on for you right now.

I'm just trying to stay positive and try to enjoy the entertainment factor of it all from a viewer's perspective. I've been enjoying it! It's so much drama, and there are no slow moments this season.

What's something that you found out about through watching the show?

I had no idea that Ashley was a liar. I knew she stirred the pot, but I had no idea that she would put her own spin on so many things.

What did she lie about?

She lied about how many drinks I'd had when we went out to lunch [before my car crash]! What I'm learning is, you really can't be around her unless there are cameras around -- so you can have proof [of what happened]. You know? I'm learning about who's really a friend, who really isn't, who's really genuine and who really just wants to bring more attention to themselves and stay in the middle of all the mess.

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Let's talk about the crash. First of all, how are you doing now? Was there any lingering pain?

Not anymore, but for a few months after there was. Initially, I didn't feel much discomfort. I definitely felt something in my neck, and Chris was helping me roll out every night and doing massages. But it wasn't until I went to a doctor and got an x-ray when I realized the real damage that had been done. I started going to the chiropractor, I started doing physical therapy, I had this Chinese doctor who does massage techniques and it was very painful, but it really worked. I'm back on track now, but I was having trouble sleeping and I didn't realize all of the symptoms of whiplash. I should've listened to my husband! He told me I may have whiplash or a minor concussion, so I shouldn't drink on the trip. But I was away from the kids and I took a break from reality, so when Ashley pulled out that bottle of Camus, I was like, "Oh! I'll just take a glass or two or three!" [Laughs] I've had three or four glasses of Camus before, and I didn't feel how I would normally have felt. I felt really off. It wasn't like intoxication to the point of falling over, but I just felt really off. I called my doctor, told him everything and he said to definitely try to just drink water. Later that night when we went to dinner, I had nothing but water. I didn't realize the magnitude of what I had just faced the day before. It was very fresh.

And what about Ashley's insinuation that you had been drinking too much before your crash?

My question is, "If I was drinking too much, why would you let me leave?" That's the true question. When we left the restaurant, we did our normal goodbyes and she asked me, "You good?" And I said, 'Yeah, I'm good! Are you good?" She said, "Yep, I'm fine!" She left and I proceeded to then shop for another hour or so and I went home. I sat in traffic for another 30 or 40 minutes, and I was literally about four minutes away from home and when you get close to home you get relaxed. I felt myself dose for a second, and I realized I was really tired. So, I rolled down the windows and turned up the music. Next thing I know I'm hearing a big bang, I hit a small object or tree and that woke me up. I was literally staring down another tree, so I slammed on the breaks and just sat there like, "Oh, my God!" My husband was still at football camp, so I then called my sister who had just flown in to help me. It had been two weeks of surviving on four hours of sleep, waking up at 5 a.m. and going to bed at midnight.

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And you mentioned how much you had going on at the time of your car crash. Did you re-revaluate how full your plate was after that? What changes did you make?

I started to say "no." My husband had warned me. He said, "I know you're excited about the platform, but you can't say yes to everything. You're stretching yourself way too thin, you're all over the place and being there for other people, but you have to just say 'no.'" So, after the accident I was like, "You're right, and there were so many times that I should've listened to you!" He knows. He's lived this life. He was in the NFL for 10 years. After that, I was telling everyone "no." I had to strategically plan to remove things permanently from my plate. My assistant has been super helpful in handling things for me so that I can focus on my business venture Not For Lazy Moms.

Another thing that you're dealing with on the show is managing your separate friendships with Charrisse and Candiace, who blew up at one another on the bus. How are you navigating that situation?

I really didn't think it was a big deal, and I didn't realize until the bus incident that it was so serious. Even when I brought up the situation, it was only because we had just laughed about it. Candiace laughed when Charrisse said it, whether she actually liked it or not. The next day when we went shopping with Ashley, I told her that if I had been offended, I would've been up in her face and told her. But she didn't do that. So I said, "Going forward, make sure you stand up for yourself." On the bus, I don't think she was trying to be combative when she called it a "shady b--ch moment," she was just describing the moment. Then Gizelle started saying stuff and Charrisse got upset. It was out of control. For the rest of the trip I was just like, "I'm going to shut up and eat." [Laughs] I just don't agree with letting things slide without doing anything about it, but then all of a sudden five days later you practice your lines in the mirror and then bring it up again.

Candiace also got heat for making agist comments to Charrisse. What do you think of what she said?

I thought it was disrespectful, but I also didn't like that Gizelle and Charrisse were calling her a little girl. It doesn't help that she's telling everyone everything that her mommy does for her, so they're calling what they're seeing. But, at the same time, it's still disrespectful because she's 30 years old. Then for her to call Charrisse a geriatric granny, I'm just like, "Here we go with the shots on age." I just feel like we're all women, and we need to respect that.

From a viewer's perspective, there seems to be two groups kind of forming: You, Ashley and Candiace and then Charrisse, Gizelle and Robyn. Is that how it felt during filming?

I always feel a divide between Gizelle and Robyn. They take turns having issues with me. But, with Charrisse, I never felt anything about her hanging out with her friends. We have our own relationship. But, as I watch the season and I see her going back and saying things that I've said to her in confidence, that's not cool, either. I've never gone back to Candiace and told her things that Charrisse has said about her. Even when she called her bubble soccer invitation childish. I've never done that, because that's not what I'm about.

But you and Charrisse really seemed to hit it off between seasons, after you moved close to her. Was that a genuine friendship?

She was like my sister! It was great between us, because we had similar backgrounds. One of the issues that Charrisse had with the other women is that she felt like she was being used. She felt like every time she had an event -- and she knows a lot of people -- she was open to inviting everyone, but the group wouldn't acknowledge her even though she had set things up. Then, when they had their own events, they wouldn't include her. With me, it was mutual. It was 50-50. We instantly bonded. We're both from Jersey, we both rap and it was natural. We're six miles away from each other, and her daughter would come watch my kids at times. We both enjoyed each other and uplifted each other.

And are you still good?

Keep watching.

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What about you and Robyn? I still don't understand why you were being called out for a meme you had no involvement in posting.

If I hear about the meme one more time! It's like she wanted to have a valid reason to be mad at me. It's like, "You are already mad at me." Like, go onto my social media accounts and find something that I might've said, but there's never anything there. I never had an issue with Robyn. She had always been sweet to me, but I guess because me and Gizelle had patched it up she thought it was her turn. When she pointed out this meme, it's like she tried to tie this to me attacking her finances, which never happened. Nobody talks about Robyn's finances more than Robyn! If she wants to be mad at somebody, she needs to be mad at her own brain, because she's the one who talks about her finances. I liked the meme of her fanning herself! I thought it was funny. I like everything that's on that fan page, because it's dedicated to me and I appreciate that. She got really upset about me liking the meme. She was reaching so hard, she should just get a step stool.

You and Gizelle patched things up?

We were fine! I didn't know we had an issue until she started doing interviews recently. I didn't know we had beef. We all shade one another, but I won't attack your character or your businesses, but I'll clown around because that's just what I do with my own friends. My husband and I do it all the time. I don't know if she took offense to some of the things that I'm saying or what.

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Over the past two years you've really seemed to embrace this platform and everything that comes with it. Can you just talk to me about your approach to being on "Real Housewives" and using it to launch business ventures and connect with so many people?

I just want to be 100 percent real and authentic with people and hope that I can inspire somebody in some way. Whatever way that is. I'm all about empowering other women. I'm hoping people can see what I'm doing and realize, "I can make anything happen." I didn't grow up rich -- I didn't grow up poor either, I was middle class. My dad had his own business and he always taught us to be entrepreneurial from a young age. I was making money off of doing hair in my bedroom in the seventh grade. I just want to show people that if you really believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever it is you want. I call it the B.O.S.S. mentality: Beating Odds, Setting Standards. That's what it's all about.

One thing about me is that I don't look to get paid or rich about anything. My goal is just to be someone who can be helpful and, in doing that, my blessings will come. It's all about giving back, and that's what I'm most excited about.

What have you learned about yourself over these last couple of years since being on the show?

I've learned that it's definitely true that I like to talk. But everything that you see is me being me. I'm proud of that. I'm not going to have 100 percent of the viewers loving or hating me, but I'm happy knowing that I'm being me.

"Real Housewives of Potomac" airs on Bravos on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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