Rita Ora teases top-secret featured artist on forthcoming single 'Girls'


Rita Ora is about to release a smash -- with top-secret featured artist to boot.

After her surprise performance during Kygo's Coachella set last weekend, the "Your Song" hitmaker caught up with AOL Entertainment, where she revealed that her next single, "Girls," will be released this spring with no less than three other artists on the track.

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Ora actually first premiered "Girls" back in May of 2017 at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend festival, where she performed the song with Charli XCX and Raye without asking anyone for permission.

"That was when it was just done, and I was so excited to play the song," Ora explained. "The label was like, ‘F-ck!’ because I didn’t really tell anybody, and I also didn’t have any features on it at that point. Charli’s my girl, so I asked her to perform it with me. She was like, ‘What?’ And I was like, ‘It’s about girl empowerment and celebrating each other as women and our sexuality.' It doesn't technically [have] a specific meaning, but 'I Kissed A Girl' by Katy Perry was my inspiration."

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Since that lone performance of the catchy tune, Ora has since evolved the track and added official features to the soon-to-be-released final version. The list includes one name that is so huge that she isn't even allowed to reveal it yet, but hinted it to us during our sit-down interview following her appearance at the Absolut Openhouse tent at Coachella.

"Charli’s on it, I’m on it, Bebe Rexha’s on it and I wanted as many girls as possible. I’ve got another great girl on it who is major, who we all know and is killing it right now," Ora said with a sly smile before miming a bump over her stomach. "It’s going to be a total f-cking girl anthem!"

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"I’ve had this song for [almost] two years," she went on. "I’ve been sitting on this girl empowerment song for so long, and it’s the perfect time to release this."

As for her forthcoming, recently-delayed second studio album, Ora says that it's "coming" and acknowledged that her fans get frustrated when her release dates change.

"I've put out four new songs since I've started talking about my album, and I know that my fans just want music, music music. The album is coming!"

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