Jessica Biel reveals the one thing that makes her 'nervous' about social media


Jessica Biel struggles with social media just like that rest of us.

The Golden Globe-nominated actress recently opened up to AOL Entertainment about the stress she feels around our current culture of oversharing and how she gets herself to put her phone down and simply enjoy the moment.

"We have to remember to put the phone down and take an hour for ourselves," Biel told us at The American Express Experience, where she helped launch the Live Life campaign. "Otherwise, we won’t rejuvenate for our responsibilities back at work or at home. I think about it because, especially when you have a child, you want to document their life, but you also just need to take a mental photo. We just have photo books of our young lives. There aren’t endless photos. There are twenty photos in a photo book and that’s all you have. We have to just put it down and enjoy the spontaneous moments."

Biel, who shares son Silas, 3, with husband Justin Timberlake, finds that she has to remind herself to put the phone down -- and it's not that easy.

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"Our culture is also about showing," she explained to us. "It’s not like, ‘Hey, I did this, and let me tell you about it.’ It’s, ‘I’m going to show you because I’m going to put it everywhere and make it look beautiful.’ We love to make things look beautiful, which is fun, but I have to work just as hard as anyone else to just put the phone down and know it will be okay."

As a celebrity, too, the pressure on Biel to say or share the right thing at the right time also weighs on her. So much so that she admitted to us that she could probably afford to post more often on Instagram than she currently does, but sometimes the risk of offending people is just too high.

"I definitely am thoughtful about posting, because you can quickly offend or overshare without meaning to," Biel said. "I’m more nervous to post anything at all than I am about over-posting. It’s always interesting what people will love or what the media will pick it up. That’s always curious. You’re just going about your day trying something out and then, 'Boom!,' it’s a whole thing."

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