Coachella 2018: Rita Ora reveals Kygo and Selena Gomez hit 'It Ain't Me' was written about her


When Rita Ora took the stage with Kygo at Coachella on Friday night, the performance had a bigger significance than most people realized.

The "Anywhere" singer took the Main Stage with the hit-making DJ to sing "It Ain't Me," which Kygo released last year with Selena Gomez, that proved to be a true highlight during the first night of Coachella Weekend 1 this year.

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"We have been trying to work together for a while, and he just called me and I couldn’t say no," Ora exclusively told AOL Entertainment the day after her performance. "He asked if I could do him the favor of singing the song, and I loved that song. It was written by my same writing camp, so I already knew it. I was like, ‘Easy! And I’m [already] here!’"

Not only was "It Ain't Me" written by the same folks who pen many of Ora's top hits, but one member of that writing team also happens to be Ora's boyfriend, producer and songwriter Andrew Watt. The song tells the story of a relationship that struggles amid alcohol-fueled nights at the Bowery Hotel, and Ora told AOL Entertainment that that relationship is actually her and Watt's.

"You want to know a funny story about this song? The guy that wrote the song with his team -- my writing camp -- who I’m also seeing, wrote that song about me," Ora said with a laugh. "We’ve had so many ups and downs, and we’ve had a lot of nights at the Bowery, I guess. It was funny to sing it."

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As for the moment itself, Ora said it was everything that it seemed to be.

"It was unbelievable," she told us. "The famous ferris wheel was really nice to see out there. I said to my photographer, ‘Don’t f--k this up! I need the shot!’ And he got the shot. The main stage was really crazy. I did it at Glastonbury back home, which was my original dream, so now I’ve done it over here and I’m very happy. Maybe next year I’ll come back with my own set."

While at Coachella, Ora also made an appearance at the Absolut Openhouse, where she played her song "Proud," which was the product of a months-long collaboration with the vodka brand on its Absolut Open Mic Project campaign, which involved her writing "Proud" based off of stories submitted by her fans. For the singer, it was the perfect place to play the song for her fans first-hand.

"It was the perfect time to do this," Ora explained. "It's a music festival and it’s in America, which was our biggest country for submissions, and we wanted to celebrate something that really successful. The campaign really worked, and we did what we need to do."

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