Donald Trump Jr.'s alleged affair with Aubrey O'Day: Will she 'kiss and tell' like Stormy Daniels?


Can we expect an Aubrey O'Day tell-all interview like Stormy Daniels' record-breaking "60 Minutes" sit-down?

According to a new report in Page Six, the answer is a resounding "no."

O'Day, who reportedly had a months-long affair with Donald Trump Jr. that started during the fifth season of "Celebrity Apprentice" that ended in March of 2012, apparently doesn't plan on sharing the intimate details of her affair with the public -- despite being legally free to do so.

"It’s not tasteful, and she isn’t desperate for some fame or attention, unlike every other woman that has been in her situation," a source told Page Six of O'Day. "She doesn’t kiss and tell and isn’t looking to hurt people."

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That being said, O'Day reportedly didn't sign a non-disclosure agreement, which would give her the opportunity to speak publicly about her alleged affair if she changes her mind.

After all, the outlet reports that she's already been approached by a major morning show for a tell-all interview, but she denied the request.

According to reports, Trump Jr. told O'Day that he planned to leave his wife, Vanessa Trump, for her back in 2012 amid tumult in his marriage. That plan was squashed, however, when Vanessa found texts and emails between her husband and his mistress, which abruptly ended the affair. Vanessa and Donald stayed together for another six years before she ultimately filed for divorce earlier this month.

Aubrey O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. have yet to confirm or deny their reported affair.

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