Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O'Day's alleged affair: All the signs we missed


Reports broke this week that Donald Trump Jr. had an alleged affair with Aubrey O'Day when she appeared on season 5 of "Celebrity Apprentice" back in 2011, but there have been signs that the two were romantically involved for years.

O'Day, who first rose to prominence as the frontwoman of girl group Danity Kane (known for hits such as "Show Stopper" and "Damaged"), and Trump reportedly had a months-long affair until March 2012 when Donald's wife, Vanessa, found emails between the two and squashed the dalliance.

This came after Trump "told her it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn't love her," and he reportedly even started looking for apartments to move into.

"He already started putting things in place, like setting up a place in NYC to live," a source told Us Weekly. "Don would talk to Aubrey about how he was miserable in his marriage and how Vanessa was so controlling and paranoid about him leaving. In his mind, he was going to be separated with Vanessa and be with Aubrey."

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The same month that their affair ended, O'Day tweeted a photo that many believe could show her cuddling with Trump.

"My babe is protecting my feed from bunion attacks!" she tweeted with a photo of two pairs of feed in March 2012. "True Love Feet."

The Daily Mail did a literal comparison of the man's feet to existing photos of Trump's own feet and found that they were "very similar."

"Love when my hunny doesn’t want food, attention, or sex," she also tweeted. "Some nights its rub my feet, watch 'Martin' & agree w everything I say time."

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Also in March of 2012, O'Day spoke openly to Us Weekly about what she looks for in a man, noting that she likes "strong men that usually have big egos … which is also why we break up."

"I like a man that can be in a room with anyone and feel more powerful and more in control and fortunately it’s difficult to find those men because those men can do whatever they want and they play hard and they don’t always play fair," she told the outlet.

Sometime in that same year, O'Day appeared on the podcast RISK! and discussed a hookup that took place following the finale of an unnamed reality show after months of flirting and lead-up.

"I started out this unspoken connection with a big celebrity that I can't name because I'll get sued," she said. "We would always be staring at each other [and] we did the little eyef--king thing. [...] We built up this whole relationship: We became friends, we became more than friends, we became the in-between thing for a while."

She then details a backstage hookup, which you can hear about here.

Later in 2012, O'Day released a cover of Gotye's massive hit "Somebody That I Used to Know," which featured cryptic reworded lyrics that, in hindsight, appear to call out her former lover directly.

"Now and then I think of when we were together / Like when you told me that your marriage was a lie / Told me that I brought you back to life / Couldn't live without me by your side," she mused on the remix. "Didn't care about the sex you begged to f--k my mind."

This lyric seems to confirm an Us Weekly source's claim that Trump "would look at her like a piece of meat [...] But he was equally taken by her intellect. She impressed him a lot on the show. She was smart."

Indeed, O'Day placed third on the fifth season of "Celebrity Apprentice."

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Later on in the song, the singer appeared to call out her alleged affair once more.

"But you were scared to ruin your family's name," she sang. "Your wife's the only one glad we are over."

See photos of Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr.:

In the accompanying music video, O'Day appears topless with the words "cheater," "liar" and "seduction" written all over her body in black paint. TMZ reports that the unreleased project was never officially completed because the former Danity Kane member "failed to pay production bills."

The next year, in 2013, O'Day overtly referenced her affair with Trump on the track "DJT," which appeared on her album Between Two Evils. The song's lyrics tell the story of a doomed affair and featured a fictional phone call.

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"You want me to believe that everything with me was a lie, a fantasy? And you want to go back and live in the life that you had forever?" the singer asks an unknown man before he replies, "I'll always want you and always wonder about it, but it doesn't matter because I have to stay here."

A source confirmed to Us Weekly that both songs were about Donald Trump Jr.

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After her alleged former lover's father was elected president during the 2016 election, O'Day took to Twitter to express her disgust with his win.

"I'm embarrassed to be an American," she wrote. "I'm heartbroken. Every beautiful piece of progression that our country could have moved toward is now gone."

When one of her followers pointed out that she could've spoken out about Trump earlier, considering that she had appeared on his reality show four years earlier, she replied, "No. My story I didn't tell is worth millions now. This doesn't hurt me, it hurts America."

Last year, O'Day talked about her time on "Celebrity Apprentice" very candidly on Bravo's "Andy Cohen's Then and Now," calling it "probably my favorite show I've ever been on."

"I was thriving at it," she recalled last spring. "There were two female producers that came up to me and pulled me aside and said, 'You're running circles around everyone. We didn't expect that from you and we respect that and we're rooting for you and so we're trying to help you. Bottom line, [Donald] Trump doesn't think you're pretty."

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"'If you want to stay in the game, you need to follow these simple rules,'" O'Day remembered being told. "The rules were: Start parting my hair down the center, wearing it straight and pushing my tits up in tight outfits. I would have been sent home if I didn't start looking hotter in the eyes of [the] all mighty one that's now our president."

Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O'Day have not reacted to reports that they had an affair.

Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from her husband on March 15 of this year. Aubrey O'Day previously dated "Jersey Shore" cast member Pauly D.

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