'All My Friends' hitmakers Snakehips explain why 'it's not that important' for them to release an album


Snakehips, the British DJ duo behind the Tinashe and Chance the Rapper-assisted "All My Friends," probably aren't going to release a proper album anytime soon.

"We were [going to release an album]," they told me during a recent interview. "We've got a big enough body of work to do an album, and the plan was to do that. It's changing all the time, though. Now we're just putting out music and seeing where it goes. It's chill."

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The duo, made up of Oliver Lee and James Carter, has steadily released well-received singles over the past couple of years, including Top 5 UK hit "All My Friends," "Don't Leave" and "Cruel," leaving fans wondering if they'll ever get a debut album.

"It's not that important for us to do an album at the moment," they continued to explain at last week's Malibu Rum #BecauseSummer party. "It's more about when it feels right, rather than feeling the pressure to do something like that. We just want to do our thing. If that happens naturally, then we'll do it! You don't want to force yourself to do something, or else it won't feel right."

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Lee and Carter are slated to appear at numerous festivals in the U.S. throughout the upcoming months, and they kicked off the summer season with a quick, hits-filled set at the Malibu party at Tiki Tabu. The quickly-rising pair, who have new single and remix releases planned for the next couple of months, said that they've felt a "staggered" rise to the top echelons of music.

"Over the past four years, there have been so many big moments, but they've just been getting more extreme, so it just keeps building up," they explained. "The first time we ever put something on SoundCloud, it got, like, 50,000 hits in a day. It's been quite staggered for us, though. 'All My Friends' was the first thing that was truly crazy. People around us couldn't understand what we were doing until then, I don't think. It's like, 'You're not just some DJ.'"

"All My Friends" was a worldwide smash featuring fellow rising stars Chance the Rapper and Tinashe, and I wondered if they always had those two in mind to helm the vocals of the hit.

"We wrote it on a really rainy day in December, and honestly we'd been talking about writing something to do with Tinashe for a little while, and we thought this could definitely work," they revealed to me. "We got the hook down, made the beat and the plan was always to get Tinashe on verse one and Chance on verse two. And it happened! It took a little while to reach out to them and make it all connect, but it was a dream come true, honestly."

Watch the "All My Friends" music video below:

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