Kristin Chenoweth on the 'renewed hope' she feels after Ariana Grande concert bombing


Kristin Chenoweth wants fans to know that in the wake of the devastating Manchester bombing at last week's Ariana Grande concert, positivity and love will prevail.

"There was a lot of hate that happened at the concert with my deep dear friend [Ariana Grande]," Chenoweth told AOL Entertainment during a recent interview. "And, today, there's nothing but love, and today there is renewed hope."

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Chenoweth starred alongside Grande in last year's "Hairspray Live!" as Velma Von Tussle, and she called the highly-anticipated one-night-only televised event "perfectly timed."

"I think we all came together during a time with a piece that was perfectly timed," she explained of the musical. "[It] still is, in fact -- and I just loved the casting. We're all still so close!"

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The production of NBC's latest live musical was a new experience for Chenoweth, who originally rose to fame on Broadway doing hundreds of shows night after night. The pressure of a live show -- and the exhaustion that came with literally sprinting between stages on set -- was something that was new to Chenoweth, who has suffered with rosacea since her mid-twenties.

"I've struggled with this constant redness," she told us. "It can pop up anywhere, but mine was on my cheeks and chin. [It appears] when I drink or eat hot or cold things or when I physically exert myself. It can be embarrassing."

Chenoweth, who added Rhofade into her daily care routine to help combat her struggle with rosacea, is also part of the critically-acclaimed "American Gods," which she'll appear on later in the current season. When we asked about the Starz hit, which is based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name, the actress completely lit up -- clearly, she's excited to be a part of the project, which she also pointed to as asking pertinent questions about society.

"The question for me that it asks -- and this is actually very timely -- is, 'How far are we willing to go with social media? How far are we willing to go with our boundaries? Where do these things end?'" she told us. "It's both a good thing and a bad thing."

For more from the actress, watch our full interview with Kristin Chenoweth below:

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