Brooke Burke explains how she leads by example to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle


Brooke Burke-Charvet is all about leading by example.

As a mother to four children, the extremely active television personality seeks to stress the importance of living a healthy, fit lifestyle to her kids by simply taking them along for the ride.

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"We're a pretty active family," Burke recently told AOL Entertainment "It's so much more than vanity and so much more than booty, really. It's about stress and balance and health and mental fitness and spiritual fitness, as much as it's about just staying in shape. It's totally a family affair for me."

It's not just about exercising, though, as Burke points to her family's time in the kitchen together as an important influence on her children's willingness to eat and live healthily.

"We definitely cook a lot, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen," she continued. "Family dinners are really important. Just exposing them to different flavors and spices and types of food and gardening is so important. As busy as my husband and I are, we really enjoy that type of lifestyle, and it's therapeutic for me."

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Burke doesn't just want to encourage her children to be healthy, though; she's also made it her mission to help women everywhere understand their health and their bodies. The former "Dancing With the Stars" host partnered with Poise for this week's National Women's Health Week in an effort to bring awareness to women everywhere that 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage. It's an issue that Burke admitted has "so much shame and embarrassment" attached to it.

"Going into National Women's Health Week, it opens up the dialogue even about the importance of pelvic health, which is something all women should be aware of and should be doing," she explained to AOL Entertainment. "It's about taking care of our entire bodies, and I think that helps a little bit with LBL depending on the severity of the problem. I'm all about educating women, and I've become so comfortable the last few years myself."

Along with her campaign with Poise, Burke plans on having more important conversations on her new podcast, The Naked Mom, which is also the name of her book.

"It's kind of conversation that I want to continue and share and have with thought-provoking people and inspirational women and men," she told us about the project that launched last week. "I'm trying to do some unexpected interviews with people we may know but that show sides of them that might surprise you. I have a lot of fun doing it and just bringing laughter to everyday situations while talking about life, love, marriage, family, business -- a little bit of everything."

Download "The Naked Mom" here.

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