Julianne Hough on planning a tour with brother Derek: 'It's the most stressful thing I've ever done'


Julianne Hough's year is shaping up to be one of her most memorable yet.

Between her upcoming third MOVE Tour with brother Derek Hough, her engagement to Brooks Laich, her continued years-long partnership with Fitbit and the imminent release her her next collection with MPG Sport, the "Dancing With the Stars" alum has a lot to look forward to.

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The down-to-earth star recently celebrated the release of the Fitbit Alta HR in New York City with a spin class at Swerve and, days later, she was in Mexico for her star-studded bachelorette party with girlfriends like Nina Dobrev and Kris Jenner. Not a bad week, right?

I recently caught back up with Julianne Hough after she kicked my butt on the stationary bike to talk about her love of carbs, working with Fitbit and how she and brother Derek complement each other in the best way possible.

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Check out my full conversation with Julianne Hough below:

This isn't your first time working with Fitbit. What makes your partnership with the company work so well?

I never want to do anything that isn't completely authentic to who I am, and I really enjoyed Fitbit before I even started working with them. It basically says everything that I want to promote with a healthy lifestyle and actively doing stuff to make your life better. The fact that now it's super cute and even smaller? I love that aspect! It provides connectivity, too: I get competitive with my dad and my sister and her husband. Then, also, the fact that the Fitbit Alta HR has an enhanced sleep tracker and the [PurePulse] heart rate monitor now, you really get it all.

And you've really been able to watch the company and its products evolve.

Definitely. Not that I have any favorites, but I always wear the Alta. It feels like the most like me, and I can switch out the bands. Now that the Alta HR has the heart rate tracking, that'll become my go-to.

Are there any other fitness or health trends that you haven't been able to get behind?

I haven't really gotten into the [cutting out] gluten thing, because I don't feel like my body reacts badly to it. I think that's a very specific thing for whatever body type someone has or what they're going through, so I haven't just stopped eating gluten because everyone else is. I don't eat a lot of it, though.

The one thing I feel like I've recently done, though, is embrace carbs. People are always like, "Carbs are your enemy!" But now I'm like, "My enemy is my best friend!" [Laughs] It's so important to have carbs every single meal, in my opinion, which is something I never used to think. I would always say I would only eat them in the morning or in the afternoon, but I realized my brain can't think and I'm slower [without them]. I might have less body fat [without carbs], but I'm more stupid! [Laughs]

So carbs are your brain foods?

Totally! I'm still trying to find the ones that are good for me, though. Sweet potatoes are probably my favorite, because I don't feel as guilty eating them and you can make them really yummy. That's my new thing: I have to have carbs in every meal, but in moderation.

You're about to embark on your third MOVE Tour with your brother, Derek. What's the prep like for such a massive undertaking like this?

It's insane! I think it's the most stressful thing I've ever done -- in a good way. It's so rewarding in the end, because we create something out of nothing. A lot of artists have an album to promote when they go on tour, so they have their songs already and they create a show around that. We have nothing! We create a storyline and pick songs out of thin air. It's amazing, because there's so much to work with, but it's also so hard because it's an empty canvas. The beginning of the process is always really hard to figure out what we want to do and what our mission and purpose is behind it all. We can just get up there and dance and that's fine and entertaining, but we want to make it about more than just coming to watch us. We want a mission behind it.

It's so special that you and Derek have been able to work together so much over the years. Do you ever feel as if you inadvertently take that for granted?

Oh, absolutely. We're literally with each other 24/7 and have been for, I feel like, the last three years. We did two tours, and in the meantime I was finishing up my house, so I was living with him between tours. Now he's working on his house, so he's living with me and we're working on the tour again. I'm like, "Babe, we're getting married soon, so you're going to get a place before that, right?" [Laughs]

So, anyway, we're lucky that we get to spend that much time together and that we don't completely drive each other crazy. There are moments -- trust me! -- because he's a creative and off in la la land, and I'm a little more structured. I like to have things in order to create versus just, like, "Let's just throw out ideas!" Where I'm like, "But where do they go?!" When we work together we're so different, but it works.

You balance each other out.

Exactly! We help to hone each other in.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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