Matt Damon talks 'The Great Wall,' archery, and working with 'Narcos' star Pedro Pascal


Is there anything Matt Damon can't do?

For his new film, "The Great Wall," the superstar actor perfected his archery skills and sat down with AOL to dish on his extensive training, what it was like working with Pedro Pascal, and relocating his family to China.

"I met this guy when I was in Hungary, where I was working, who's the best speed archer in the world," Damon said. "He ended up coming to China and kind of working with me throughout the production."

In the film, Damon and Pascal play mercenaries from the Western world looking for an all-powerful black powder (gunpowder) to take back to Europe. With hopes of becoming rich, they set off to find the mighty substance in Asia. While their conquest for the powder doesn't go exactly as planned right away, Damon and Pascal find themselves captured by the Chinese military, only to be "taken in" after demonstrating their impressive fighting skills in defeating a treacherous monster, Tao Tei, which plagues the country every 60 years.

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Directed by the acclaimed Zhang Yimou, who was responsible for the breathtaking creation of the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and mega-blockbuster, "House of Flying Daggers," the film takes us through a series of action-packed scenes that build on a foundation of trust between Damon's character and Jing Tian's character, who plays the commander of the Chinese army of the wall.

"It was a lot of physical training, 'cause it was all armor and that stuff and I didn't want to get injured," Damon revealed. "Then I went right from this to Jason Bourne so I needed to be in shape."

The massive production, at a cost of around $150 million, is by far the largest U.S.-China co-production in history.

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To be close to his family, Damon brought along his wife and children to China for the duration of the production. On his days off, Damon would take the kids out along for mini adventures with his co-star, Pedro Pascal.

"He's like an uncle to my kids, they love him," Damon gushed. "He's up for anything, he's got that kind of adventurous streak too, so we'd all go on trips together."

Pascal, who made a recent return to "Game of Thrones" and plays Javier Peña in the widely-popular Netflix series, "Narcos," makes his unique mark on "The Great Wall" as Damon's questionable best friend and sword-wielding sidekick.

"The Great Wall" hits theaters on February 17.

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