Meet Dulce Candy, the Army veteran who's changing the beauty industry


Among all the bloggers, influencers and beauty experts out there, it's hard to find someone who's genuine and brings something completely different to the table.

Meet Dulce Candy, the Army veteran and beauty blogger who's paving the way for young girls to achieve their dreams. AOL spoke with the influencer about the trends we expect to see in 2017, what it was like to moderate a town hall for Hillary Clinton, and the launch of her Beautycon Winter Box collaboration.

Dulce dished on how her Beautycon Winter Box collaboration -- which includes over $100 in beauty and lifestyle goodies from brands like Kate Somerville, Luxie, ColourPop, Too Faced and L'Oreal -- all came together.

"I wrote down a list of some of my favorite brands that I knew that I wanted to include," Dulce said. "I then collaborated with Beautycon to really narrow the products."

But her favorite products from the box? The Artist Couture Illuminati highlight and the Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush to apply it.

And while the glow trend made its way into every beauty-obsessed gal's makeup drawer in 2016, Dulce revealed what she would want to see most in 2017.

"Honestly, the trend, and I hope it's not just a trend ... but it becomes a way of life, is embracing natural beauty," the beauty vlogger said.

While we saw (and were obsessed with) highlighting and contouring last year, it was used to really drastically change the appearance of someone, Dulce said.

The importance of being confident in your own skin is something the young wife and mother hopes to inspire in other women -- especially young girls. Dulce recalls going through puberty and comparing herself often to other girls and what the media portrayed as beautiful.

"I didn't realize that God made everybody different and that's what makes everybody beautiful," Dulce said. "It's just not one particular, you know, straight-haired, blue eyes, blonde girl -- that's a beautiful woman as well but it's also women who have curly hair, or is petite, or has distinct features in her face."

With an incredible career spanning from Army veteran to being one of the biggest influencers in the beauty and lifestyle industry, The Sweet Life author said her proudest and most surreal moment was moderating a Town Hall, put on by Beautycon Media, of other creators with 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"I never thought that I would have the courage to even accept an offer of that nature -- but the fact that I said yes and even though I was scared -- I did it," said the proud Clinton supporter. "Just the fact that she took some time to speak to creators because we have platforms that influence other people -- that was really important."

Achieving your dreams and inspiring young women is Dulce's life goal.

"When you believe in yourself you're able to really make any dream or goal a reality because you have the confidence in yourself to actually do it," Dulce said.

Consider us inspired.

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