Bravo's 'Summer House' cast reveals their favorite spots in Montauk


Bravo's newest show, "Summer House," is full of rosé-fueled pool parties, inner-house hookups and summery dinner outings. And, after the show's first few episodes, we were wondering: Where does the "Summer House" crew like to hang out in Montauk?

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We had cast members Lauren Wirkus, Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke into our office ahead of the "Summer House" premiere to talk all about their show -- see what they had to say here -- and, while they were here, we also made sure to ask about their favorite spots at the End of the World.

Here are their preferred Montauk hangouts:

The Surf Lodge

Lauren Wirkus: I think No. 1 for all of us is Surf Lodge.

Kyle Cooke: What I think is so cool about that venue is that you're on the water, there's music and there's a carefree atmosphere. You could be hanging out with someone who owns a hedge fund and a celebrity and then someone like me who's just trying to make it. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, to the point where there can be annoying lines.

Lauren: Surf Lodge is harder to get into than college.

Shagwong Tavern

Kyle: Shagwong has The Incredible DJ Lonestar spinning incredible throwbacks. It's a fun spot to let your hair down.


Carl Radke: Harvest for dinner. It's a really good restaurant.

The Crow's Nest

Lauren: I love Crow's Nest.

Kyle: The ambiance at Crow's Nest is amazing.

Ditch Plains Beach

Carl: I love to go surfing at Ditch Plains, but parking is a pain.

Joni's Kitchen

Lauren: Joni's is my favorite breakfast spot -- you can go straight to the beach from there!


Lauren: We went to SoulCycle once, and Stephen almost died.

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