Adorable elderly couple goes viral after meeting on a blind date at a bookstore

Couple In Their 90s' Have The Cutest Blind Date at Book Store
Couple In Their 90s' Have The Cutest Blind Date at Book Store

If you're young and jaded by the world of online dating and swiping through potential dates' photos, here's a breath of fresh air that'll give you renewed hope -- if these two can find ways to meet engaging new people, so can you.

Miriam Steiner, 93, and Harold Sharlin, 90, recently met on a blind date at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C., and their story has since gone viral.

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Even though there are sites specifically dedicated to helping seniors find their match, this couple used the tried and true method of being set up at random -- no social media stalking, no Google searching.

It all started when Sharlin's granddaughter waited on Steiner in a restaurant, according to TODAY.

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"My Jenny was so impressed with Miriam's pep and vigor that she said, 'You'd make a great date for my grandfather!'" Sharlin told TODAY.

Sharlin called Steiner the next day and they agreed to meet at the bookstore. When Steiner arrived and mentioned that she was meeting a date, the staff asked to snap a picture of the duo, which has since melted hearts across the internet.

Sharlin had dated on and off after his wife died in 1998, but it was Steiner's first date since losing her husband in 1999.

"I loved him, and I didn't look for anyone else after that," she said. "But I said, all right, what have I got to lose?"

The two spent the afternoon enjoying each other's company and conversation -- and they're not rushing into anything just yet, but perhaps there was just enough spark.

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"I'm a conversationalist," Sharlin said. "I like to sit and talk. I like having a woman in my life."

Both were simply glad to have the chance to meet new people.

"It's not easy, making connections as a senior," Steiner said. "But we need it ... We're both in our 90s. We're both handicapped. Neither of us drive. It's up there with Medicare and Social Security. I hope people remember that."

So there you have it. If you think it's tough meeting people in your city, imagine trying to do it without being able to drive. And that friend who keeps trying to set you up with other people, maybe just give it a go sometime. Who knows, you may end up being the next viral story that makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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