Chick-fil-A employee's patriotic performance for customers goes viral

Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Star / Facebook
A free concert while you eat your chicken? Yes please!

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An Overland Park, Kansas Chick-fil-A employee is now internet famous after his beautiful rendition of "God Bless The USA" went viral.

Just happened at Chick-fil-A Oak Park Plaza Mr Dontarius Jamel Young

Posted by Frances West on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dontarius Jamel Young, one of the restaurant's "team leaders," performed for customers in the main dining room on Veteran's Day. His voice is now being heard by millions, as the video posted to Facebook has garnered nearly 16 millions views.

Young has a pretty adorable response to all this attention, too.

Dontarius Jamel Young is a team leader at the Oak Park Chick-fil-A in Overland Park, but a recent viral video of him...

Posted by The Kansas City Star on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Watch this incredibly inspiring teen's performance of the National Anthem:

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