Blind gym teacher reportedly loses job after rinsing mouth with Listerine

Blind Teacher Fired Over Mouthwash
Blind Teacher Fired Over Mouthwash

In a series of unfortunate events, a blind New York City gym teacher has been fired after rinsing his mouth with what he says was Listerine.

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Steven Sloan, 60, has been a gym teacher for the past 29 years, and is a favorite amongst the youngsters.

He was fired from the PS 102 in Harlem after a parent reported smelling booze on his breath, the New York Post reports. Sloan is adamant that he has never drank on the job, and says it was alcohol-based Listerine mouthwash.

%shareLinks-quote="I cherish my job...Ain't nothing for me to do but to teach physical education and work with my children. So why, after 30 years, would I risk or jeopardize that?" type="quote" author="Steven Sloan" authordesc="Testimony at hearing, courtesy of NY Post" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Although the mother never saw Sloan drinking alcohol, the smell on his breath was enough for her to raise suspicions. But, Sloan's coworkers at the school counter this with the fact that he uses mouthwash regularly, and "is a bit of a clean freak."

Instead of fighting a vicious legal battle, Sloan settled with the Department of Education and retired from PS 102.

%shareLinks-quote="They didn't even let me go back to my school and say goodbye," he said. "I just want to let everybody know I did my job diligently, with all my heart and soul." type="quote" author="Steven Sloan" authordesc="New York Post" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Watch Steven Sloan open up about his life:

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