Smart guns fire only when their owner pulls the trigger

Why Aren't Safer 'Smart Guns' On The Market Yet?
Why Aren't Safer 'Smart Guns' On The Market Yet?

Gun regulation has been one of the main topics in the recent months due to a series of unfortunate events that forced the nation to reconsider the current policies. One technology is already on the market in an attempt to minimize the number of accidents these "safety accessories" cause: smart guns. A smart gun is a device that fires only when the legitimate owner is pulling the trigger. If anyone else takes the gun, like, for example, a child or a thief, the bullet won't fire. The technology behind it uses a fingerprint scan or it recognizes the owner's handgrip in order to unlock the weapon. Other similar guns can be activated only in close proximity with a special watch or ring that the owner has to wear.

Even though smart guns seem to be a great - even if partial - solution to accidental shootings, they are very hard to find, since most guns stores won't sell them. A pretty revolutionary bill was just introduced in New Jersey by State Senator Loretta Weinberg, who wants to make it mandatory for gun dealers in Jersey to have at least one smart gun in their inventory.

%shareLinks-quote="My intent in advancing childproof handgun legislation more than a decade ago was to help spawn the development of this technology. We've made significant progress doing that, but we're now at a critical juncture" type="quote" author="Loretta Weinberg" authordesc="State Senator" isquoteoftheday="false"%

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