You can finally buy a physical emoji keyboard

Good News: You Can Buy an Emoji Keyboard Now
Good News: You Can Buy an Emoji Keyboard Now

Emojis are taking over the way we communicate and some millennials and younger digital users can't converse without using them. The only problem when it comes to usage is finding them. In order to make it a simple and absolutely painless process, Austin-based company EmojiWorks made a physical emoji keyboard.

On the keys where you normally have letters and numbers, this keyboard also showcases emojis. You can normally use it to type, and when you want to express your feelings in a more visual way, all you have to do is use the "emoji" key and hit the one you want to use. The keyboard comes in three different versions, each one with more emojis. The basic version has 47 of them, the "plus" version twice as many and the top, boosted, super loaded, pro version has a total of more than 120 emojis, many of which you will never, ever use.

You can currently place your pre-order on the company's website and unleash your inner emoji ninja whenever they become available.

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