Study links cat colors to aggression

Study Links Cat Colors To Aggression
Study Links Cat Colors To Aggression

A new study suggests cats show their true colors in their fur.

Veterinary experts say it's possible that the color of a cat may be a sign of how aggressive they are toward humans.

Researchers looked at more than 1,200 surveys from cat caretakers who were asked about their cats' connective behavior toward humans other cats, combative features, problematic behaviors and demographic information.

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The results say the most anti-social are likely tortoiseshell and calico cats — which have color patterns largely associated with females.

The data also suggested that cats with gray and white coats, as well as black and white coats, may have increased aggression. They either don't enjoy being handled or really hate the vet — but the latter seems pretty normal for most pets.

The cats that got a positive review were lacking in multiple colors. Vets suggest getting an all white, black or grey tabby to be safe.

But take these results with a grain of catnip — researchers relied solely on the cat's owners survey's, they didn't actually clock anytime with the cats themselves.

Cat colors and their true personalities:

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