Young boy dies after freak sporting accident

The mother of 12-year-old Oliver Croker who died in a freak accident while watching a football match in Bradninch has...

12-year-old Oliver Croker, was reportedly hit by the head by a post while watching a football game in Kenosha Park, Bradninch in England on Saturday. According to ITV, reports suggest that "two players had crashed into a sideline banner, and a hoop used as part of the fencing became lodged in the young boy's head."

Players, the referee, and the entire audience "were visibly shocked" as a result of the incident. Croker was airlifted to hospital, with his parents Pippa and Sean by his side. Sadly, young Oliver succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The local authorities are currently investigating exactly what happened in regards to the devastating death of this little boy.

The Bradninch football team sent their condolences. Oliver's friends and family have also set up a 'memorial' Facebook page here:

See how this little girl saved her family in a bizarre accident:

Girl, 5, Saves Family After Freak Accident
Girl, 5, Saves Family After Freak Accident

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