2 Point Lead: Mr. Throwback

Mr. Throwback
Mr. Throwback

There have been some heated debates inside the 2 Point Lead headquarters, but never as intense as discussing which are the best throwback jerseys of all-time. It's like picking your favorite child, but even tougher. Bottom line, there are no right answers.

We even visited Mr. Throwback in the East Village in Manhattan to check out some of the best old-time swag.

Until a Jeremy Lin/Knicks uni counts as a throwback, these are our favorites:

NBA- Orlando Magic (1989-98) Anfernee Hardaway, road blue with pinstripe
The 90's were filled with expansion teams that brought teal, purple and sea-foam to the NBA wardrobe. But no jersey is more iconic than the Orlando Magic's ridiculous silver and black combo with the pinstripes. And while Shaq may have been the team's best player, Penny's No. 1 looks way too sleek.

NHL- Los Angeles Kings (1988-95) Wayne Gretzky, road black
If you are going to have one hockey uni in your closet, it might as well be the Great One. Wayne Gretzky didn't just change hockey in Los Angeles, he changed their jerseys.

NCAA- University of Michigan, (1991-93) Fab Five, yellow
Hail to the victors. If you came to school in the early 90's rocking a University of Michigan Fab Five jersey, it was instant swagger. Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmmy King and Ray Jackson -- everybody in your crew could pick a favorite.

NFL-Atlanta Falcons (1989) , Deion Sanders, alternative red
Prime time player, prime time jersey. The Falcons rocked this red jersey in his rookie season. Honestly, every Deion Sanders throwback jersey is pretty incredible -- the Cowboys, the 49ers, the Atlanta Braves, but it all begins with this one.

MLB, Montreal Expos, Andre Dawson, powder blue
It was tragic the Expos left Montreal, just because we no longer had one of the best jerseys in the mix. It's crazy to think Pete Rose once wore this jersey, but it was "The Hawk" Andrew Dawson and Gary Carter that took that uni into Cooperstown.


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