'Hype of the Century' doesn't need a sequel

SX: Las Vegas Analysis - 2015
SX: Las Vegas Analysis - 2015

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This weekend, fans finally got to see an event years in the making: a fight that was billed as good versus evil, that would be packed with Hollywood stars, all while millions would be made for everyone involved. It had Comic-Con level hype surrounding it. But let someone else break down 'Avengers: Age of Ultron.'

I honestly debated buying the Floyd Mayweather Jr./Manny Pacquiao fight. Paying $100 for a sport that has a track record of fixed fights and controversial decisions isn't exactly the best investment. But the more the day went on the more you couldn't avoid the hype surrounding it. Front page of newspapers. Every channel on television. Even three women who were going their own 12 rounds with the unlimited Mimosas at brunch were discussing the fight party they were going to later.

Finally around 10:45pm I decided I couldn't miss out on witnessing history. I went all-in on doubling my monthly cable bill and purchased the fight. How could I miss this? Then on screen a message appeared from Time Warner that this program was currently unavailable and to try again.

Take my money. No, seriously, take my money!

Eventually to my relief the cable problem worked itself out and I wasn't going to have to find some millennial having a viewing party on Periscope.

Jimmy Kimmel walked out in Manny Pacquiao's entourage. Floyd Mayweather had Burger King and Justin Beiber. Then Jamie Foxx made love to America with his rendition of the National Anthem. This fight was so big, it had TWO ring announcers. Easily, this was already worth at least $10-$15 so far on my scorecard.

Sadly, the actual fight had no chance of living up to incredible level of hype. Boxing fans that follow Mayweather's career weren't surprised at all by the defensive marvel that calculates punches to the scoring of the compubox system. But for casual fans who tuned in looking for two great fighters to turn this into a slugfest, they should have rented Rocky IV.

Mayweather's trainer is his dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr., but his choreographer might as well be Justin Timberlake. He danced around the ring like he was in the 'Bye, Bye, Bye' video circa 2000. No wonder Floyd appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

It's tough to blame Pacquiao. He came ready for a fight, but it's tough to land power punches when your opponent constantly pretends its National Hug Day. Every time Pacquiao seemed to have momentum, Mayweather would go on the defensive and hug him like the judges were scoring for warm embraces.

Despite that, this wasn't a controversial decision. Mayweather threw more punches, landed more and won with a fighting style that valued smart over substance. It just didn't earn him any new fans. For a fighter who is so concerned about his legacy, Mayweather's record may be 48-0, but it's the lack of excitement and flash in the ring anyone will remember.

Of course not every fan is going to be happy. Imagine everyone in America going to the same expensive Italian restaurant at the same time and then ordering the exact same meal. It makes sense that some people are going to complain about what they ordered.

Fight fans used to gripe that Mike Tyson fights were too short. They didn't make it past the first round before Iron Mike knocked someone flat on the mat looking like they had no idea if it was Wednesday or October. Except, this one was the exact opposite. It went to the distance. But in all those rounds there wasn't much substance. One hundred bucks or not, most fans would have rather seen a clear knockout in Round 1 than 12 rounds of whatever you call that.

Imagine if in the 'Avengers', instead of fighting the heroes, Ultron just avoided getting hit, knowing that if he did it for two and a half hours he'd destroy the world based on a complex technical scoring system. Also Ulton is really into Instagram and collecting flashy cars that he doesn't drive. Yep, he's that villain.

Mayweather/ Pacquiao was one epic showdown that doesn't need a sequel.

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