Indian Woman Slays Leopard, Lives To Tell The Tale

Indian Woman Slays Leopard, Lives To Tell The Tale
Indian Woman Slays Leopard, Lives To Tell The Tale

An Indian woman in her fifties says she fought off and killed a leopard by herself.

And not only did she live to tell the tale, but she also had to walk at least half a mile to get treatment for her several wounds. (Video via NDTV)

The animal was found dead, and according to CNN, it wasn't the first leopard attack in the area.

A chief wildlife warden told the outlet: "These are alarming incidents because usually leopards attack and kill dogs, goats or young children - not adults."

Reports vary as to whether she did it with her bare hands, with farm tools like a sickle or if there was an axe involved as well.

The amount of time the fight lasted is under media debate as well. Some say it was an hour, others that it was about 30 minutes. Her age has also been shown as both 54 and 56.

​​But most reports seem to agree the leopard was found dead. The woman showed up with several deep wounds that required several dozen stitches, but she's reportedly in stable condition.

National Geographic says many leopard populations across Africa and Asia are endangered. Other outlets pinpoint their loss of habitat as a reason the big cats wander into villages and cities.

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