Billionaire Carlos Slim suggests three-day work week

Billionaire Suggests A Three Day Work Week
Billionaire Suggests A Three Day Work Week

If you like those 4 day weekends that happen only a couple times a year, then you'll definitely like this guy: Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim thinks the work week should only be THREE days long. He's the second richest man in the world thanks to Telemex, his telecom company ... and some of his employees are able to retire before they even hit 50.

They have the option of a four day work week, and Slim wants to slim that down even more. The billionaire believes this could help people balance their home and work lives better.

But there's a catch. Those three days would consist of 11-hours at the office and you'd likely be working into your 70s -- that's roughly 9 years longer than the average retirement age of workers in the U.S. So there's a few things to consider.

And a policy director told CBS Moneywatch says the idea might seem great to Slim ... the average person doesn't want to work that long -- billionaires, on the other hand, have a lot more fun at theirs jobs.

Some companies, like Google, already offer a compressed work week -- and CNN sites a survey conducted in 2008 that revealed 59% of participants wanted the option.

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