97-year-old evicted from retirement home for playing his ukulele

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97-Year-Old Evicted From Retirement Home For Playing His Ukulele

A 97-year-old California man was told to hit the road for playing too much music on his ukulele.

97-year-old evicted from retirement home for playing his ukulele

Jim Farrell was evicted from his Napa retirement home and forced to live in a homeless shelter, all because he loved to play his uke.

He told reporters that Redwood Retirement Center's management would scold him like a child, and tell him to get back to his room. Eventually they got so angry, they put him on the streets.

The retirement center released a statement saying, "Mr. Farrell was unable to abide by the rules of the community. We took this action so our residents at redwood retirement could continue to live in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment they call home."

Luckily, an anonymous donor heard Farrell's story and paid the move-in expenses for Piner's Nursing Home. A place where he will be able to play his music undisturbed.

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