'LeAnn and Eddie' series premiere: couple deals with rumors

'LeAnn and Eddie' Series Premiere: Couple Still Dealing With Tabloid Fire
'LeAnn and Eddie' Series Premiere: Couple Still Dealing With Tabloid Fire

On the series premiere of "LeAnn and Eddie," we got a first look at the lives of LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian. As you may already know, Eddie and LeAnn were both married to other people when they had an affair. They then both got divorced and married each other, which, as Entertainment Weekly notes, has made their relationship pretty notorious. Now, the couple is making the venture into the world of reality television, and as you'll see, gossip and the tabloids are still something they have to deal with on a day to day basis.

EDDIE: "To be concerned about what the rest of the world thinks, it's just, crazy to me.

LEANN: "Okay. Cause it's not like we do that for our job or anything."

EDDIE: "Look, can we just drop this conversation please? I'm not gonna say anything."

Eddie and LeAnn were on their way to a movie premiere and were arguing about whether they should address any rumors or answer any questions on the red carpet. They decided not to, although LeAnn wanted to.

While some are saying the new show is an opportunity for the couple to fire back at critics, Eddie says, instead, it's a chance to mock the rumors that have surrounded the couple since they got together back in 2009.

Either way, fans are excited to get a glimpse into the couple's highly publicized relationship. The two are both executive producers on the show, so we'll only get what they want viewers to see, but that doesn't mean fans won't be tuning in. You can check out the show Thursdays on VH1.

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