Reporter swallows bug live on-air

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Reporter Swallows Bug Live On-Air

You can't prepare for everything when you're reporting live -- but watch the bizarre environmental hazard that this British reporter on Sky News had to brave.

Reporter swallows bug live on-air

"Certainly if we look at the changing complexion of this cabinet compared to [having problems breathing] the last one ..." he began reporting.

"Are you OK," someone asked him.

"No –– I swallowed a fly, that's all," he replied with a smile.

Other newscasters laughed at what Adam Boulton experienced, but were also quick to praise his ability to continue the report. Here's ABC:

"A true pro there. I mean, you could just see him take that swallow, and he just went for it," GMA'a Amy Robach commented.

"The British accent even makes swallowing a fly elegant," Lara Spencer quipped.

Thankfully for Boulton, live news has a penchant for the unexpected -- especially when it comes to animals.

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