Boy in Ireland snaps 'selfie' with Queen Elizabeth, signals peace?

Boy In Ireland Snaps Selfie With Queen Elizabeth, Signals Peace?
Boy In Ireland Snaps Selfie With Queen Elizabeth, Signals Peace?

This 'selfie' with the queen of England might say a lot more than you think.

ABC reports, "Fourteen-year-old Jack managing to get out of line just enough to position himself right there inches from Her Majesty."

ITV later revealed that Jack Surgenor managed to snap a quick 'selfie' while Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were visiting St. George's Market in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The UK's Daily Record reports that one eyewitness said, "She was walking through the market with the secretary of state, and people were cheering and clapping, and suddenly this wee fella zipped right over to her, said something and got her in a 'selfie.' Nothing happened; they just kept on walking. It was a bit of fun, so no one was cross, and he wasn't taken away."

According to the Belfast Telegraph, this visit is a "groundbreaking shift from tradition" in which the queen walked near citizens and well-wishers -- a stark contrast from the secretive and heavily armed royal visits during what's become known in the United Kingdom as "the Troubles."

"The Troubles" were a period of time from 1968 to 1998 when a Protestant majority that wished to remain part of the UK -- and under the rule of the British Monarchy -- and a Catholic minority that wished to join the independent Republic of Ireland both protested, rioted, and sometimes used violence to further their causes, the BBC reports.

According to The Guardian, the most recent instance of separatist-related violence occurred in 2009, when two soldiers were shot dead by republican dissidents.

The Irish Independent quotes Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, a former Irish Republican Army commander, as saying of the queen's efforts for peace, "She absolutely believes in big acts of reconciliation and I think in that regard, she is miles ahead of many others [political leaders]."

According to The British Monarchy, the last time the queen was in Northern Ireland was in 2012, during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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