Meet 'the Human Ken Doll,' who has had 780 procedures in his lifetime

Some have an obsession with sports, others with their pets. For Justin Jedlica, however, it's a passion for designing the perfect body. In fact, the Los Angeles resident has undergone so many procedures that he's known as "the Human Ken Doll."

Although some may call Jedlica's fixation extreme, he views it merely as a way to improve features that already exist. "It seems pretty normal...I like to re-think the wheel," he told AOL Lifestyle. "It's an innovation on things that are already there."

The 39-year-old says his fixation with plastic surgery started at an early age and was spurred by his childhood in a low-income family.

"I think in my brain, wealth and fame came in tandem with plastic surgery," he said. "I began to stockpile my money as a kid and save."

But it was really Jedlica's experiences as a gay man that led him to bite the plastic surgery bullet.

"I tried to fit in and then that didn't make me feel comfortable and I still didn't really mesh in," Jedlica recalled.

So far, he estimates he's undergone 780 procedures, including peck, bicep and tricep implants, five nose jobs, a brow lift, augmentations to his cheeks and lips and more. The hundreds of procedures have cost him around $800,000 and have landed him quite the status in the plastic surgery circuit.

"There was a business to be had here," he explained. "I wanted to point people in the direction of the best plastic surgeons, the people that I sanctioned as the best."

Jedlica even custom designs implants for clients and friends, a work that he calls "pioneering."

"I don't have a problem using myself as the guinea pig," he said. "When I go into doctors, I don't say I go in for consultations anymore, because really I go in to pitch."