Kelly Ripa reveals she had plastic surgery on her earlobes

Some Hollywood stars remain mum about their plastic surgery past, but Kelly Ripa has taken to her show's Instagram page to talk about her experience going under the knife.

The "Live with Kelly and Ryan" co-host revealed this week that she got plastic surgery on her earlobes after her "earholes tore all the way through" and left her ears "hanging like gauges." As a result, a piece of her right earlobe is missing.

"The damage was worse, so I've got two different earlobes," Ripa added.

In addition to the gauges, Ripa explained that her piercings are so crooked because many of her seven piercings were done herself.

"That’s why mine are so crooked," she said, after talking to a friend about the needle and apple piercing technique. "Mine are crooked because half of these are self-pierced,” she said.

In the video, 49-year-old also discussed receiving anti-aging injections and the upkeep required for her youthful look. "I don't have time in the morning," Ripa said. "I'm trying to roll my face and put essential oils on and make myself look frozen in time, which is hard. Even the Botox is like, 'look sis, maybe it's time to hang up the jockstrap.'"