Pack like a pro the next time you head to the gym


When it comes to hitting the gym or heading out to your next workout, it's crucial that you have all of the necessities packed and ready -- and no one knows this better than tennis legend Chris Evert. When we sat down with Chris this month at the BNP Paribas Open, we asked her to walk us through what she always packs in her gym bag.

Chris explained that a good sunscreen comes first on her list, not only because she lives in Florida, but because being a professional tennis player has caused her to spend hours upon hours on tennis courts in direct sunlight since she was 6 years old. Keeping her skin healthy and protected is her number one priority. She also stressed the importance of lip sunscreen, which she thinks "everybody forgets about." From a full water bottle to a protein bar, you can shop all of Chris' gym bag essentials below (including a surprising beauty item), and read our entire conversation here.