Twitter users have a field day with Rob Gronkowski's turtleneck during Patriots-Cowboys game

Rob Gronkowski holds many titles, but "fashion icon" probably isn't one of them after an interesting choice he made on Sunday.

During halftime of the game between the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, the retired tight end appeared on Fox Sports to discuss his former team's performance. However, his outfit garnered more attention than his analysis, and not because he looked good.

The three-time Super Bowl champion donned a black turtleneck underneath a navy blazer that fans had plenty of jokes about.

Multiple Twitter users said that Gronk's getup made him look like a Bond villain, while others found similarities between his look and those of several Austin Powers characters.

"Gronk looks like if the Dead Poet's Society had a frat," said another, through ESPN host Kate Nolan's Instagram. 

See more reactions below: 

Fans react to Gronk's outfit during Patriots-Cowboys
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Fans react to Gronk's outfit during Patriots-Cowboys
“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.” #gronk
Gronk stole Shiv Roy's look
omg gronk talking smack in his turtleneck 😂
Why does Gronk look like a greeter at the Church of Scientology
Gronk looks like a supervillain whose plans are always comically bad
“Gronk looks like if the Dead Poet’s Society had a frat” killed me dead
if you combine Number 2 and Scott Evil from Austin Powers, you get 2019 Gronk
Gronk looking like a frat boy with an art degree
Gronk looks like your coworker's significant other who traps you at the bar at the holiday party and won't stop tal…
Gronk out here looking like Ego from Ratatouille #NFL100 #NEvsDAL @RobGronkowski
If you gave Gronk an eye patch he could be Dr. Evil's right hand man
Gronk looks like a guy heavily involved in a figure skating steroid scandal
Gronk, wear a turtleneck if you're being held hostage
Gronk on set looking like an evil Bond character.
Why is Gronk dressed like a Russian hitman

Gronkowski's gig at Fox Sports was announced back in early October, with his first stint as an analyst coming as the Patriots defeated the New York Giants on "Thursday Night Football." He has since announced multiple additional ventures, including his own music festival, which will coincide with Super Bowl LIV in Miami this February.

With all he has going on, it seems unlikely that the 30-year-old will return to the Patriots roster, at least this season — though team owner Robert Kraft has reportedly asked him to come back. Quarterback Tom Brady, alternatively, seems to be at peace with his former teammate's decision

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