A woman miraculously survives after being impaled by a metal bar

A woman riding in the passenger seat on a highway in California survived after she was impaled by a metal bar that fell off of a big rig truck.

While riding in the car Saturday on Highway 99 in Sacramento, a metal bar traveled through the engine compartment, entered the passenger compartment of the car and impaled the unnamed victim's right leg, authorities said.

The scenario, which sounds like a scene from a "Final Destination" film, was described by police as an "unusual incident."

California Highway Patrol posted photos of the scene on Facebook. In a graphic image, the woman is seen sitting in the car with the metal bar through her leg. Another picture shows a firefighter holding a large metal bar that appears to have blood on the end.

The driver of the big rig failed to stop, and police are seeking information to reveal his or her identify. The victim was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Unfortunately, these scenarios are not uncommon. Just last month, a Georgia man survived a harrowing car crash after his vehicle collided with a truck carrying dozens of logs.