Man miraculously survives after truck is impaled by log


A Georgia man survived a harrowing car crash earlier this month after his vehicle collided with a truck carrying dozens of logs.

The driver, who authorities said only suffered minor injuries, was leaning down to find something when he slammed into the back of the much larger log truck, Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O'Brien told CNN.

Photos from the scene, which were posted to the Whitfield County Fire Facebook page, show the unnamed man's vehicle full of large logs, many of which broke through his window and shot all the way back to his trunk.

O'Brien said the driver managed to avoid the falling cargo specifically because he had leaned down inside his car. Apparently, his posture at the time of the accident resulted in his head sitting in a perfect gap between the logs.

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"It was as if it was almost created just for his head," O'Brien told CNN.

The images of the miracle crash quickly went viral, and the fire department's Oct. 11 post has now been shared more than 20,000 times. Thousands of Facebook commenters also weighed in, many of them sharing their shock of the man's incredible survival.

"How on earth did he only get minor injuries? That’s amazing," one commenter said.

"Minor injuries, yeah right. Maybe if David Copperfield was driving — that person is freaking lucky," another added.

Many people also compared the incident to the Final Destination film series, in which a group of individuals avoid a freak accident only to later be haunted by other mysterious, potentially deadly accidents. There's even a scene in Final Destination 2 that features a driver dying after crashing into a log truck.

"Thank Final Destination for reminding me not to tail any truck that hanging something on their back," one Facebook commenter said.

It's unclear yet what charges, if any, the driver will face in relation to the accident, CNN reported.