Baker Mayfield reacts to Richard Sherman handshake debacle: 'I know what I did'

A bit of unexpected drama took over the NFL this week after San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman accused Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield of refusing to shake hands with him ahead of the matchup between the two teams on Monday night.

Thanks to some Twitter sleuths, footage later surfaced and confirmed that the two athletes did, in fact, shake hands prior to the pregame coin toss — but that Mayfield sprinted away after the coin landed while the remaining team captains stayed and shook hands a second time.

Sherman, who said the so-called snub helped fuel the 49ers to victory, admitted on Wednesday that the entire situation was blown out of proportion and that Mayfield deserved an apology.

Mayfield also addressed the drama on Wednesday during his media availability.

"That's the one time the camera and something recording me has gone in my favor," he said of the footage that proved he did, in fact, shake Sherman's hand.

The young quarterback also clarified that he "in no way" intended to snub Sherman, a league veteran and "great player" who Mayfield says he respects.

Hopefully that settles it and the two are able to bury the hatchet, but let this serve as a warning to the upcoming opponents of these undefeated 49ers — shake their hands, or you're going down.