Barber performs haircuts blindfolded

Remigio Morelli is not your average barber. After working for more than 40 years, this master craftsman is going viral for his unbelievable blindfolded haircuts. 

That’s right, Morelli gives trusting customers at his salon "L'Estro" the opportunity to get a haircut while he wears a blindfold or mask.

"The real message that I want to convey with my blindfolded initiative is to cultivate true barbering talent," Morelli explained. "Only through professionalism, self-confidence, passion and pure skill can true salon success be achieved."

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The idea came to him three years ago, when he decided that he wanted to give his customers a unique experience. Now, over 300 cuts later, he is an aficionado in the art. 

"It's not a game," Morelli elaborated. "It takes experience, attention, responsibility and, of course, a great demonstration of trust on the part of my clients!" 

His spectacular performances, filmed at his little barbershop in Lecco, Italy, have reached over 400 thousand views on Facebook and caught the attention of thrill seekers internationally.

Watch his performances above. 

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