Watch: Top 10 viral videos people couldn't stop talking about in 2018


It was a great year for viral videos! So picking the top ten was not an easy task. But the experts at Jukin dug deep in the vaults to find their favorites of the year.

10. No one could get enough of the baby who freaked out when trying on her mother's wedding ring. Her adorable reacting and gasps of delight couldn't have been sweeter.

9. A blacksmith showed off his epic knife handling skills at a competition in Thailand. The crazy hacking is unbelievable.

8. Even though his car was completely destroyed, one driver refused to pull over, causing a massive scene on the highway.

7. As a sailboat tried to make it's way down the canal, the wind changed and sent the boat sailing straight toward a bridge, resulting in a terrifying video.

6. Though it was supposed to come down, the demolishment team who took down this silo weren't prepared for they way it would fall, and took out surrounding building in the process.

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5. An underwater fisherman caught his crazy encounter with a shark on tape, and his way of getting rid of the animal was truly impressive.

4. Against her parents advisement, a little girl really wanted to try wasabi. After just a small bite, she had the most hilarious reaction to the very strong, unwelcome taste.

3. This daredevil jumped off a bridge and, to his friends' amazement, caught a fish with his bare hands!

2. A bicyclist was waiting at a stop sign when a distracted police officer turned right into him. Luckily he only had minor injuries, but his reaction to the encounter are pretty funny.

1. When a strong wind whipped through Colorado, onlookers where forced to hit the ground and watch as two porta-pottys went flying.

Watch all the clips above.