Watch: 10 craziest gender reveals of 2018


Gender reveals became very popular in 2018. Check out some of the most creative reveals that have gone viral.

1. During what was supposed to be a baseball gender reveal, mom-to-be Jennifer accidentally hit her father right in the face and the ball covered him with colored powder.

2. This expected mom was so excited to find out the gender of her baby that she hit the ballon a little too hard, and lost control. What resulted left all her guests rolling with laughter.

3. An Arizona couple gathered friends and family in a field to reveal whether they were having a boy or a girl. Unfortunately, when they shot the target, things didn't go exactly as planned.

4. Just months after the Eagles' Super Bowl win, a father-to-be decided to reenact the “Philly Special” in order to announce the gender of his new baby.

5. Expectant dad Chris Ojeda didn’t realize that kicking a football barefoot at his gender reveal party wasn’t the best idea until he was lying on the ground in pain.

6. Molli and Dallen’s gender reveal was inspired by Jimmy Fallon's egg Russian roulette game. The parents to be smashed hard-boiled eggs on their foreheads until a raw one revealed what baby they should expect.

7. Louisiana’s “Gator King,” Mike Kliebert, took his gender reveal to a whole new level by involving his favorite reptile in the festivities.

8. Even celebrities got involved in the gender reveal game. Bill Murray surprised one couple on the golf course and they gladly let the "Caddyshack" star do the honors.

9. A firefighter from Georgia got his entire squad involved in an epic gender reveal that involved dying the water coming out of the fire hose.

10. One buff dad performed a deadlift in front of guests, and when he dropped the weight, colored powder revealed his baby's gender.

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