New York man goes viral with harrowing tale of evil ghost he believes haunts his apartment


Twitter user and illustrator Adam Ellis has taken on a new title as somewhat of a ghost hunter after claiming a character from his nightmares began to appear in his home. He is now using social media to document the potential paranormal events.

Ellis claimed his ordeal began with the "ghost of a dead child" haunting his dreams earlier this month.

A few nights later, Ellis said he had another strange dream, in which a girl approached him in a library and said, "You've seen Dear David, haven't you?"

Ellis went on to write that he later followed the girl's instructions and discovered David died after a shelf fell on his head in a store. But he also interrogated David further than the two-question minimum the girl advised and said he woke up screaming after David's long silence.

Click ahead to read Ellis' thread from start to finish:

Later in the month, Ellis said the strange occurrences began to subside after he was able to switch apartments in the building.

That is, until Ellis said he began to note his cats' bizarre behavior as each of them started gathering at the front door of his apartment every night as if someone wanted to gain entrance.

Several weeks later, Ellis recalled in another thread on Twitter explaining a dream "where David was dragging me by the arm through an old abandoned warehouse."

He claims he awakened the next morning with a large bruise on his arm and assumed the injury sparked the dream and not the other way around.

Ellis said he's also been receiving phone calls from unknown numbers, which he, at one point, said he answered and began to hear a static noise before a small voice whispered, "Hello," on the other line.

He later installed nanny-cams in his apartment to collect more proof that someone or something was haunting his home.

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"I sort of feel like I'm losing my mind," Ellis wrote. And now he's sharing footage of the strange happenings on social media.

Ellis' story has since gone viral.

Many online have been quick to offer advice to Ellis, while others suspect his strange story is nothing more than a viral marketing plot for his upcoming book.