Ghost of pilot caught on film at abandoned air base

An eerie video has been circulating the internet that people believe captures a glimpse of a late pilot's ghost roaming around an abandoned air base in England.

In the clip, the shadowy figure appears to be walking along one of the empty corridors at the historical Manby Hall in Lincolnshire, England, which has gained notoriety over the years for being haunted.

Steve Wesson, 44, and his team of ghost hunters captured the footage while filming a ghost hunting documentary.

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It wasn't until after they reviewed the footage following the shoot that Wesson and his team discovered the ghostly figure.

"I must have seen something out the corner of my eye for me to go in there but I didn't really notice it at the time and didn't take any other notice and rejoined the guys," Wesson told the Daily Mail. "As you can see, there are shadows on the back wall cast from our torch light but no shadows cast from the figure."

Popular rumors local to the area say that the air base is haunted by a WWII pilot, Wesson says.

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Reports say the area was instrumental to the U.K.'s aerial warfare force, "The Royal Air Force," during World War II.

"All I can say is that there was four of us in total in this building and all four of us were accounted for," Wesson says.

"Whatever this was, a human or a ghost, none of us noticed the figure as we turned into a room and no one heard any noise from footsteps on the rubble that is left over these corridors."

Check out the footage of ghostly figure here.