White teenage girls claim they were harassed at Howard University for wearing 'Make America Great Again' hats

Two white New Jersey high schoolers said they ran into trouble this weekend when they walked onto the campus of Howard University adorned in President Trump's "Make America Great Again" paraphernalia.

One of the teenagers, Allie Vandee, 16, tweeted about her experience on the university campus while touring D.C. with some of her classmates.

"The students took videos and pictures of us saying WE were being 'disrespectful', and that 'us being Caucasian, we should have known better,'" Vandee wrote on Twitter.

The teenager said she and her friend, identified as Sarah, did not realize that the historically black university would, in fact, be "predominantly black," but also added that race "should not matter" anyway in deciding to express their political beliefs.

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Twitter reactions after teens said they were harassed for wearing MAGA hats
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Twitter reactions after teens said they were harassed for wearing MAGA hats
who told these lil yt girls they could come to THE HU like it was about to be some joke https://t.co/ACgkNJWB69
@EssenceDalton @Marc_Lorence_ @HUdining And why does that matter? They still have freedom of expression
@NoShirtMcGurk @EssenceDalton @Marc_Lorence_ @HUdining Well for one thing freedom of speech means very little when… https://t.co/Im6Bo4Hip3
@HUdining @EssenceDalton What exactly cause students to feel "unsafe?" A few girls who weigh no more than 100 pound… https://t.co/3zmk7nPwdp
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Wow! So that pesky little 1st Amendment isn't allowed on your campus? I think… https://t.co/QWLf2ECogj
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Two chicks in a hat made you feel unsafe. Dear God just IGNORE them. What is wrong with you?!
@HUdining @EssenceDalton This is a complete joke
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Binkies and Blankies! Trump is your president get over it or move!
@HUdining @EssenceDalton OMG!! White Girls!! Call the Fascist Police and have them removed!! Fucking A, talk about… https://t.co/orE2NDIKFM
@HUdining @EssenceDalton I doubt American Citizens feel safe and comfortable knowing that fascists such as you and EssenceDalton are around
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Supporting the president makes snowflakes feel unsafe and uncomfortable? What a terrible… https://t.co/hqIsiEsIGg
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Shame on you HU You state your belief in freedom of expression. Then claim you won't accep… https://t.co/N5fG8WPp4Y
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Shame on you HU You state your belief in freedom of expression. Then claim you won't accep… https://t.co/N5fG8WPp4Y
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Shame on you HU You state your belief in freedom of expression. Then claim you won't accep… https://t.co/N5fG8WPp4Y
@HUdining @BenDelReinke @EssenceDalton They should be banned and never allowed back.
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Frightening to see @HowardU turn to the tools of fascism and intolerance to suppress free… https://t.co/Q3j941F1gU
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Obviously afraid of the message, it's not like they had guns on campus. Shame on you for trying to censor people!
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Any action necessary. Really??? Do u realise what u r saying. Does that include murder, to… https://t.co/cKnrQ6tdT2
@HUdining @EssenceDalton If HUDining is privately owned, then they have every right to dismiss someone from their f… https://t.co/8M1a87noqM
@Spirit_of_1976 @HUdining they were never dismissed from the facilities
@HUdining @EssenceDalton Racist much?
@HUdining @EssenceDalton https://t.co/zIW2AQJ7Rv
@HUdining @EssenceDalton yep they're certainly showing their UNDENIABLY TRUE racist colors! We're seeing this daily now!

The two girls, who were wearing hats and t-shirts bearing Trump's signature campaign slogan, said they were going to the dining hall when a man spotted them and said, "F--k y'all." Vandee said another man allegedly stole Sarah's cap before a school official returned it.

HU officials defended their students on Twitter following the incident, saying that they would "take action" to ensure university students "felt safe" in their dining halls.

"We will take any action necessary to ensure that HU students feel safe & comfortable in our dining spaces. This group is no longer on campus," Howard University Dining Services tweeted.

The university's official Twitter account also came to their student's defense.

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"Though this is an institution where freedom of thought, choice, and expression are ever-present, we will never compromise our values or allow others to convince us to do so. We will remain committed to truth and service and boldly affirm who we are and what we stand for," the university wrote in a statement on Twitter. "Thankfully, when visitors set foot on our campus they are met with some of the brightest and best students in our nation. Howard students represent all that is right about America."

The NAACP chapter within the university also weighed in on the incident, tweeting that its students have "no time for white supremacists and neo-nazi sympathizers on campus."

Vandee claimed she continued to be harassed after departing from the university, adding that a student on the school bus called her and her friend "racist" because of their attire.

"This is America. These are the people who are being racist and disrespectful," Vandee tweeted. "It's unfortunate that Trump supporters have to fear going [some] places [more than] others. I will never be embarrassed for supporting Donald Trump. I will also support our president when, and wherever, I please. #MAGA."

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