This mom's homemade eclipse glasses are something you really need to see to believe

Crafty DIY guides have been cropping up everywhere over the past few days, teaching readers how to create their own pair of eclipse safety glasses.

But one Philadelphia woman didn't need any sort of instruction manual to make her own solar specs -- all she needed was some scotch tape and a couple pairs of normal shades.

Sophia E., a 21-year-old New York University student, asked her mother, a travel agent who originally hails from Greece, if she had worn glasses to take in the total solar eclipse.

Although Sophia has tweeted about her mom's antics before, she hardly could have expected her response to the simple question.

The student took to Twitter on Monday to share a hilarious photo of the impromptu contraption her mom apparently whipped up to protect her eyes from the eclipse.

Photo: Twitter

Sophia told via Twitter that someone in her mother's office originally had the idea of stacking multiple pairs of glasses on top of of each other to jokingly prepare for the eclipse. However, her mom was the innovator who decided it would be best to tape the glasses together so they wouldn't fall apart.

The inspiration behind the invention?

"She told me, 'I did this because you scared me into thinking I'd go blind!'" Sophia admitted.

It isn't yet certain if Sophia's mom's specialty glasses protected her eyes as well as a legitimate pair of solar eclipse glasses would have -- but we're sure they were better than wearing nothing at all.

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Donald Trump looks straight at solar eclipse, Twitter goes insane
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probably someone told him Obama wasn't going to look
Constantly bragging about how smart he is. #ResignTrump

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